King's College Chapel Angels,  Jean Bacon, 2015

Cards (to be folded) created from some of the pictures.

    See Advent 2015 Exhibition for Ken Moody's photographs of the chapel, pictures and exhibition.

    See December photos for photographs taken during the exhibition.
    These were taken under fluorescent light which deadens the colour
    and most could not be used for printing cards.
    Those below are based on scanning and some later photos.

    Click on the thumbnails for a larger image, and again for larger

East 1

East 2 with trellis

East 2 with arch

East 2 long card, trellis

East 2 long card, arches

West 1 high arch

West 1

West 1 stained glass

West 2

West 2 trellis-back

West 2 stained glass

West 2 no windows

West 2 wider view

West 2 wider view, long card

West 3 with arches

West 3 no windows

                                         West 3 long cards

West 4 profile

West 4 profile with pastel

West 4 drawing

West 4 stained glass