Trilogy Project Cambridge Meeting Info

Cambridge Computer Lab, June 29/30 - July 1/2

There's a meeting on June 29/30, July 1, plus a workshop about resource pooling on Friday July 2.

Main Site for Trilogy where the agenda will appear. Currently there's a project management meeting from June 29 3pm (in FW09) then the main meeting is june 30/july 1 in FW11 (with overflow/breakout to FW09/FW26). The workshop (strawman agenda) now in FW26

  • Getting Here... Please go to reception on arrival if you have any questions (or phone or email me on 07733231822 or you have my email:). Backup (if you can't find me) is Andrew Moore ( for tuesday, and Dirk Trossen ( for friday.

    My views on airports for Cambridge

  • Staying near here... and other places to stay in cambridge and the University accommodation office may be able to find you low cost college rooms.

    Taxi: Panther are on 01223 715715. They can do rides to Heathrow - with 4 people, it isn't completely crazy

    We'll kickoff in room FW11 (come in to Computer Lab building and either go to reception or go up stairs and find it on first floor). We have an open WiFi net for visitors (which we'll tell you the SSID when you arrive in the building). We have overflow space in FW09 and FW26 All these rooms are on the first floor of the William Gates Building in the public side (above the "street", which is a long atrium you come into from the entrance on JJ Thomson Avenue). They should be accessible during the normal working day, although the building is locked (and under cctv surveillance) outside 9-6. Wifi is thru the open net ssid is "wgb".

  • A pub we go to from the lab, The about 15 minutes from the lab on foot, and 5 minutes up the hill from Magelene college. A more extensive pub guide is available.

    Dinner for wednesday 30th june, is booked at Christ's College Old Combination Room (OCR). Dinner will be at 7.30 sharp: i.e. sit down then: arrive at 7 for aperitif. Christ's is about 15 minute walk from the computer lab, and is quite central. On arrival at Christs, ask in the Porter's lodge at the entrance, for directions to the OCR.

    Other places to eat around Cambridge abound. Ask a local for advice as things change - this restaurant listings site seems ok but there are many more choices - pubs that do Thai food are v. good - if you want the tourist thing, the Eagle does a good english pub thing (fish and chips is good value and well done surprisingly:) Midsummer common is very expensive but the food is in fact very good.

    Restaurants I think are ok or good in cambridge 1. Loch Fyne, trumpington St 2. Brown's trumpington St 3. hotel fu vin&bistro (I like)

    a bit further towards the station, but not too far is a place I went to recently which was excellent The Oak Bistro, 6 Lensfield Road (small, so probably needs booking

    a bit of a walk, but I like this Thai place The Rice Boat, 37 newnham road...also good next it is Sala Thing Thai

    if you had time to book ahead 4. "22 Chesterton" (at 22 chesterton road)

    with unlimited budget: 5. Midsummer House

    out of town but noice for a change 6. The Three Horseshes, Madingley