Sigcomm 2009 trip report

Basically, all the info you need is on the main site plus the tweeter and photostreams

  • video of keynote...part 1 (workin on gettin better version of whole thing) local copy of more of it

    4 people commented that some of my ideas (as i said, good & original, but not both at once:) had been had before - here are those references....I don't think they are quite the same, but related nonetheless...

  • Jitu Padhye tells me about this power idea
  • Shivkumar Kalyanaraman tells me IBM had a demo at Mobicom in Beijing on High-performance SWR Base Station and Wireless Network Cloud over General Multi-core IT Platform
  • and Jeff Mogul pointed me at this: SC2D: an alternative to trace anonymization
  • and finally Oliver Heckmann tweeted about Kaminsky using the idea of coding email over spam for anonimity/privacy While talksing I had 2 more mad ideas:-
  • 1. Regenerative breaking for packets and GPUs
  • 2. care-free adddressing the first is obviously silly. the second idea is to do roaming by swaping addresses with people going rhe other direction - as a system, scales uo, this should work better and better since people are very cyclic...think of it like swapping houses with people when going on vacation.

    Finally, I went to 5 fine restaurantes while there and will put in links when I get on to a better internet cafe - meanwhile, this was

  • the sunday night dinner at Los Caracoles and had a superb paella, and the place was a labyrinth (actually apparently partly the name ("snail" is because of spiral shape of route through the restaurant building innards) but deeply cool!
  • monday Drolmo resto - pretty nice
  • wednesday lunch at Restaurant Visual in Hotel Torre Catalunya - Avinguda de Roma 2-4, awesome views all around.
  • wednesday eve banquet was at the Xalet Monjuic, which we got to via funicular...

    Embedding video "link" just to show i can:-