Students in Cambridge

New students (This could be you -> & see also ATI opportunities), and maybe DTC opportunities).

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2nd year

  • Anwaar Ali
  • Omer Sella (2nd super w/ Andrew)
  • Zahra Tarkhani (2nd super w/ Anil)

    3rd year

  • Marco Caballero Gutierrez
  • Mohibi Hussain
  • Andreas Grammenos (2nd w/ cecilia) (Turing Inst)
  • Helen Oliver (Turing Inst)

    4th year

  • Jianxin Zhao
  • David Sheets (2nd super w/ anil)

    nth year

  • Diana Popescu (2nd) < submitted
  • Michael Schaarschmidt (2nd w/ eiko (google scholar))
  • Vsevolod Stakhov (w/ Anil)
  • Malcolm Scott, working on some low energy networking with photonics DTC added expertise.

    07/08 4th year

  • Carl Forsell, working on Diffusion Models of Twitter Trending