Role Models

For public understaning of science:

  • Siddhartha Mukherjee for amazing clarity in the face of a very complex subject Cancer
  • Brian Cox on Science: A Challenge to TV Orthodoxy
  • Ben Goldacre's Bad Science
  • Raymond Baxter&James Burke for tomorrows world enthusiasm with ethics
  • Dr Who's tech savvy assistants:- sarah jane & zoe, et al, and Blink
  • Stephen Fry (for being the gay old tech geek he is)
  • The creators of Doomwatch (+Edge of Darkness), putting P for Politics in science
  • James May (yes, from Top Gear, sorry) for his plasticine garden, meccano bridge, and lego house - inspiration for engineers of the future, with an understanding of the past, and a sense of humour
  • Brian May for being boring enough to finish his PhD after Freddy took Queen to a higher plane.
  • Sigourney Weaver as ripley (also her star trek's uhuru takeoff in galaxy quest)
  • Hackers (angelina jolie, for messin with the sterotype)
  • Richard P Feynman - for playing bongos and breaking safes and debugging the challenger disaster
  • Van Jacobson - for putting science and engineering behind network protocol software
  • David Attenborough - kind of obvious
  • put yours here...