Making Coffee with the Grinder and Filter and Jug in FN18/Netos

  • Remove old grounds.
  • so you have a clean slate to work with:
  • put the widget in the jug, and put it in the filter machine...
  • Put the filter paper in holder
  • and put it under the grinder, and turn it on
  • and grind some coffee beans. 4 grinds makes a decent strength 2 liter pot

    (if the hopper is empty, look in the cupboard above for a bag of fresh new, mmmmmm, wake up and smell the beans, else go to FN14 for more beanbag.

  • Put the filter with fresh grounds into the filter machine (you can also turn off the grinder:)
  • put some water in the top of filter machine (NOT the grinder!!!)
  • Turn on the filter machine....&
  • When the light goes red, you can turn the filter machine off...
  • and now pour some coffee