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Advisor Genealogy for Jon

My advisor was Peter Kirstein who did his PhD at Stanford, EE, the year I was born - think his advisor was W Kindy, but certainly his advisor's advisor was Dennis Gabor at Imperial, Nobel Laureate, inventor of Holography.

Jon Crowcroft's past PhD students

1 Zheng Wang was at Bell Labs now at Broadcom, and his thesis was on evolution of TCP - H-Index 20

2. Brijesh Kumar, was at Motorola, then Glenayre, Canada. then at Ennovate, now Panasonic Thesis was on IDPR v. IDRP policy routing

3 Tony Ballardie at NGN Ltd for a while, now at betfair, and his thesis on Core Based Trees. H-Index 14

4 Paul Francis was at Bellcore, NTT, then briefly at ACIRI and then at Fast Forward Networks and then Cornell, now MPI-SWS Kaiserslauern, and his thesis on a new internet architecture (became part of IPv6) - he has five very good PhDs at Cornell just finishing. H-Index 28

5 Paul Dourish was at Xerox PARC, now at UC Irvine, his thesis is on reflexion in toolkits for CSCW. He's had 5 students complete who did some cool stuff - one even was back at UCL and in Cambridge for a while! H-Index 41

6 Ian Wakeman at Sussex University (links to his 6 students)...H-Index 19 and his thesis on co-design of user, codec and transport protocol for video.

7 Mark Handley back at UCL was at ACIRI/icsi and his thesis was on multicast organisation. He has several PhD studentss done at UCL. H-Index 77

8 Isidor Kouvelas at Cisco and his thesis on distributed internet audio

9 Peter Kim was at HP labs, Bristol, now has returned to native Germany and is working at Siemens - and his thesis on guaranteed service on 100vganylan

10 Ken Carlberg at SAIC and UCL, and his thesis on QoS multicast routing

11 Nadia Kausar was at Level3, then cisco, now Motorola, and her thesis

12 Paul White now consulting, and ...thesis on application driven signaling for new media on the internet

13 Thannasis Tiropanis now an academic at Southampton, was working at AIT in Greece, his thesis on telecom management architecture

14 Adil Qureshi and his thesis on emergent properties in agents in GP systems - Adil is now back with his software consultancy.

15 Anna Bouch whom i 2nd supervised.

16 Atanu Ghosh (UTS), was hacking on Xorp ICSI, and his thesis.

17 Konstantina (Dina) Papayannaki was Sprint ATL, then Intel Research, (Cambridge, Pitsburgh) then Telefonica Research (thesis got BCS prize that year), now Google

18 Karl Jeacle TCP XM - Reliable Multicast Transport for Grid Applications. Now Back in Ireland H Index 3

19 David Spence Xenosearch (have taken over from Tim Harris formally - informally contact Tim at MSR too!), Last was working at RAL... dissertation

20 Rajiv Chakravorty, now at Makani Networks

21 Julian Chesterfield Streaming over wide area wireless links, then xensource, now OnApp - H-Index 6

22 Boris Dragovic CASPEr: Containment-Aware Security for Pervasive Computing , was working at Create Net in Italy, but now off to IBM, in Belgrade for a spot of consulting! and his thesis H-Index 6

23 Tim Deegan started on optical packet processing, but then moved off that onto s/DNS/centralisednameservices/!!, now at xensource

24 Meng How Lim - hybrid topological and geographical mobile routing. at Intel research for a while, now at National University in Singapore working on Oceanographic Sensor Nets!

25 Dimitris Terzis on internet telephony call routing. Dimitris is now at Westminster.

26 Tolga Uzuner Models of Complexity of Different Network Architectures. Tolga was with JP Morgan, now HATDeX

27 Eng-Keong Lua P2Png (Tim Griffin was primary supervisor); was at NTT in Tokyo. Now with CMU

28 Christian Kreibich Info-exchange for IDS, now with Vern Paxson at Berkeley , on Bro.H-Index 10

29 Manuel Costa Vigilante, with Microsoft Research - H Index 14

30 Wenjun Hu Pragmatic wireless mobile networking; then off to UW, seattle to work on new wireless ideas, at MSR Beijing heading for Yale - H-Index 18

31 Ben Hui Pan Pocket switched networking., in Cambridge on ITA and SocNets stuff for a bit, then off to T-Labs. and adjunct professor at Aalto University in Finland - h-index 46

32 Manuel Oliveira, from UCL, just passed his viva on Distributed Virtual Reality - H-Index 8

33 Bob Briscoe at BT Labs and part time at UCL, who passed his viva 19.2.2009

34 Euan Harris who ended up being advised by Tim Griffin, and working on BGP protocol implementation system implications. Euan is now at Zeus.

35 Nishanth Sastry, from India - knowledge plane for untethered nets, worked with Karen Sollins and others at MIT, and ITA, and with Manjunath at IIT. Nishanth is taking up a lectureship at King's College London autumn of 2011. H-Index 18

36 John Miller, from the USA - security and networked games - went to Amazon, just now moved to Google!

37 Radhakrishnan Kadengal, was an EngD student at UCL, passed his viva in May 2011.dissertation - H-Index 7

38 Fernando Ramos now in Lisbon, + vid intro to one of fernando's papers by me

39 Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez now at ICSI/UC Berkeley working on netalyzr, recently awarded a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship!, and now at IMDEA+ICSI

40 Jisun An, from Korea - working on Social Media Diversity, just made a Google Scholar! now at QCRI

41 me, was at UCL, now in Cambridge, and most of my thesis is also around if you really must see:-)

42 Yuedong Song, working on Signal Processing & Epilepsy - (transfered to Pietro Lio)

43 Joonwoong Kim , at Samsung

44 Andrius Aucinas, now at HATDeX!

45 Aaron Ding now at TU Delft external at Helsinki + thesis, went via TU Munich.

46 John Rula, at Northwestern, now heading for Akamai

47 Bano with Dissertation, now postdoc at UCL with Steven Murdoch et al.

48 Gregory Tsipenyuk, redecentralised services, in software industry in US at Logos

49 Toby, data center transport

50 Zafar Gilani (on metrics project, bot detectors on twitter)

51 Heidi Howard now JRF and her dissertation

Some honourable mentions go to June Power and Bhrat Patel (UCL), and Han Zheng (Cambridge) who bowed out before finishing thesis for good reasons (enticed off to other places) but not without doing some seriously good ground work and papers! Plus of course, a bunch of 2nd supervised folks, like (part of the time) Gerard Parr OBE, Marcello Pias, Andy Warfield, Sid Chau, Panos Gevros, and more recently
  • Desi Hristova (w/ cecilia)
  • Malte Schwarzkopf (shadow 2nd super)
  • Ionel Gog (shadow 2nd super)

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    A couple of interesting undergrads I've worked with are Stefan Magdalinski and Steve Coast (there are lots more, both UCL and Cambridge, but I don't have links for them...)