stuff i played on and someone was mad enough to record


Johnny Too Bad Johnny Not Bad

Most stuff is on the interweb although a lot of it is too quiet:-)

Couple of recent additions: Blues for bertj and Am blue, St Louie 2 to show the merits of improv without safetynet in front of a camera:-)

Here are (and on youtube) ten recordings (of 20 songs:-) in the form of musical Portmanteau, and mainly about or relating to women (link for lots of great women guitarists!).

The idea is to seguay from one into another and back, seamlessly - it doesn't always work, but this was all 1 take improvised recordings using garageband on an ibook (with the built in mike, hence sound/noise/level problems:). Played on guild or lowden (as seen here).

Some of the titles aren't quite there yet - and I'd like to re-do these with vocals (e.g. in style of jose gonzales, i wish:)- the idea is also that the songs compliment each other (cause/effect, sickness/cure, love/hate, betrayal/revenge, angry/peaceful, happy/sad). At some point, I'd like to do a Jeff Beck (Goodbye Porkpie Hat) style cover of Round Midnight

  • my take on Jansch's arrangements of Reynardine&Blackwaterside
  • Renbourn/Jansch Blues run the game on Monday
  • Sumer is Icumen out, All the Leaves Fall Down
  • My Jonny's Shoe Black was a Maker
  • Rollin and a Tumblin with a Friend of the Devil
  • Sweet Judy Green Sleeves
  • Polly Goes Round the Sally, Oh
  • Jardin des Amis de A Joe
  • a case of you so clear
  • noone knows you're purple when you're down and hazed
  • first cut of the granamore hare, or something

    next three are work in progress - just tryin to figure out mesh of pairs of newer songs

  • clocktears - play with massive cold attack
  • sweet mad angel
  • all the money in the world spent on the craic


    Recently (end of 2014) I was at Nottingham university and had the fun opportunity to play the Carolan Guitar

    Xmas 2015 superstisherous + croshrhodes

    Most the stuff above is played on a Lowden got for a v. decent price in the Ithaca Guitar shop (thanks Charles), although some is on an old Mahogany guild.

    daniel's recording of Lowell's truckers' old fave
    daniel's day in the life a la jeff beck
    Daniel (18) doin Chet Atkins & Bach et al and on soundcloud
    Daniel (earlier, at 14) playin Black Dog on a custom shop fender strat with straight-through ebony neck (also bought in Ithaca, NY), and played on a 25 year old fender valve amp with original valves. More recently, a concrete/dubstep composition
    and daniel generally on soundcloud
    Also, Patrick is there too! and patski skateboarding
    and their cousin Conor from Nashville, via Ithaca

    me channeling holdsworth&hillage, just noodlin on dan's guitar for fun. In general, other youtube bits and pieces

    Most the guitar below is on a 1973 white fender strat, bought in toronto from a pawn shop, or when on bass, a handmade one-off done by Dave Karlin, a friend who is good at carpentry and turned his hand to making some solid body guitars - the bass has a fender precision fretless neck and fender jazz and precision pickups, and is absolutely brilliant 30 years later. The body was made from bog seats from St Paul's boyschool's Victorian loos that my friend rescued when they were being thrown out for some modern replacements - yes - true a fretless bass with a toilet seat for a body!


    sounds like, who is that guy singing anyhow!


    loz + tony bland "out of nowhere"


    three songs by brian+me
    intensive care unit #2 recorded in a bomb shelter off Lithos rd
    dub ina isling town


    the original icu in andy johnson's room in churchill (here in a more compact iphone/3gpp format)
    The American Medical Association, Live in a Garden


    carla lipinski++, live - unkown bass player
    Intensive Care unity #1, in the Vortex


    a band called 45, mainly songs from Laurel Canyon


    dick jenkins et al in trinity, mostly canadian singer song writers' stuff


    finchley road (my dentist, and fiona's house!) includes "kitten rag"