Internet First Virtual Journal of Plagiarism

Initial CfP

Vol 1, Y1, to be published by Institute of Epiphytology This is the first call for submissions to this new exciting journal which we hope to publish on 1/4/2001. The journal wil be of archival value, and we expect it to be established shortly after in citation indexes as a valuble resource for academics and industrial researchers throughout the whole community.

The focus of the journal is plagiarism in all its kinds. We aim to publish examples of plagiarism, as well as detailed social, technical, legal and ethical considerations of methods by which plagiarism can be carried out, remain undetected, and be used in further advances in the general subject area.

Papers on methods to avoid syntactic, morphological or semantic analysis are particulalry welcome. Full versions (with proofs) of papers previously submitted to workshops or conferences are encouraged. Papers are actively sought on the differences between techniques for and attitudes to copying in different media, including software re- use versus genome re-use, and sampling music versus quoting from text. Other topics of interest include concealment, signing, watermarking and traitor tracing, extrusion detection systems, collusion, authorization and certification.

We intend to make all papers avaialble electronically at no cost to the community. The Journal's review policy is double blind. The editor's decision is, however final. The best papers in each year will not be eligable for publication in the Journal of Irreproducable Results. We expect the archive to become known as the Journal of the Plagiarism Years.

Links of relevance

Note as of june 2022, almost all the links below are broken- i wonder what that tells us about plagiarism's progress?

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Instructions for authors are as described in the IEEE

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