EINS/HAT workshop on IoT Business Cases

Under the auspices of the European Network of Excellence in Internet Science we're putting together this seminar/one-day workshop to be in Cambridge (in the Computer Lab) on Friday Sep 26th, 2014, in LT2. If you wish to attend, please contact Jon Crowcroft before sep 20, so that we can order sufficient coffee/lunch, which will be provided.

Report now out!!

The current outline is to have input from two main speakers, Irene Ng from Warwick, and the UK HAT Project (see also paper) and Sasu Tarkoma from Helsinki, and the Finish IoT project: and then have discussions structured around value propositions and use cases for IoT.

Right now, most Internet of Things projects and projects are badly siloed into single domain, and also tend to designs which are walled garden services (e.g. energy systems with web only access) - this is indicative of a market failure, and doesn't bode well in terms of ambitions widely expressed in the larger vision for IoT (e.g. Smart Cities, SMart Homes, mobile e-health etc etc) let alone a true Internet style innovation space.

The intention of this seminar/workshop is to break this logjam, by exposing participants to truly disruptive ways of designing markets and use cases for IoT that provoke more creative, integrative and synthesizing thoughts...


Time table - 
Lecture Theatre 2, the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

10 Irene Ng Presentation 1

11-12 discussion #1
        what are principle missing components

12-1 breakout groups
        economics/business models
        technology gap analysis

1-2 lunch

2-3 Sasu Tarkoma Presentation 2

3-4 discussion #2
        Can europe take a lead for a change?

4 finis/carriages

Further Local Information from a recent event in the lab.