Advice on Research and Writing

  • How to read a paper by Keshav,
  • How to write great papers, give great talks by Simon Peyton-Jones and Lamport
  • Tim Harris' Five ways not to fool yourself, on designing experiments for understanding performance.
  • Ursula Le Guin's advice while on creative writing, is no less relevant to science.
  • Managing your advisor
  • Hamming's cool ideas
  • Hardy's apologia
  • Bundy's advice to young researchers.
  • David Patterson (RISC, RAID, NOW) Career Advice
  • See also Leone's collected links on writing and research. However, note that this advice is (mostly) US centric.

    What to use for a presentation?

    well, for one, don't be powerpoint-less - see this example from American History for why not:)


    10 rules for running a succesful research lab