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Ioannis Baltopoulos

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I am a final year PhD candidate at the Computing Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. I am a member of the Systems Research Group under the supervision of Dr. David Greaves working on the Pebbles project. My second supervisor is Dr. Andrew Gordon who is a member of the Programming Principles and Tools group across the road at Microsoft Research.

General Information

I was born in Athens, first son of a family of medical doctors. I spent some time growing up with my grand parents in the small village Labena outside of Kalamata before joining my parents in the States where my father was doing his fellowship in intensive care.

At some point we decided to go back to Greece as it was time for me to go to primary school. After completing my early studies it was time to move once more to the northern suburbs of Athens and continue my studies at the Arsakeio-Tositseio School (established in 1836). I had an amasing time as a student avoiding classes, always carrying my basketball around and going for 3-point shootouts at the breaks. This was the place where I met what I consider my best friends. Naturally all this had to end, rather abruptly, when it was time to go to university.

Some call it luck or fate, others coincidence but in any case out of some kind of undescribable external force driving my moves I ended up at the University of Kent doing a degree in Computer Science. After four years of studies, a year-long placement in America with Sun Microsystems, I decided to continue my studies and move once more to London and Imperial College.

Notorious about not being able to stay in a city for more than a year, I've now relocated to Cambridge where I hope to try something different and spend three years in one place, thinking about one thing.
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