Computer Laboratory

Hugo Paquet

I am a PhD student with Glynn Winskel in the Computer Lab at the University of Cambridge. I am working on denotational semantics, in particular game semantics, for probabilistic computation. I am also interested in probabilistic programming.


Some talks

  • Probabilistic Programming Inference via Intensional Semantics. Workshop on Languages for Inference (LAFI), January 2019.
  • Comparing Strategies and Böhm Trees in a Probabilistic Setting. GaLoP XIII Workshop, April 2018.
  • The Concurrent Game Semantics of Probabilistic PCF. Mathematical Foundations Seminar, University of Bath, November 2017.
  • Forgetting Causality in the Concurrent Game Semantics of Probabilistic PCF. GaLoP XII Workshop, April 2017.
  • Concurrent Game Semantics of Probabilistic PCF and Relational Collapse. CHoCoLa Meeting, ENS Lyon, March 2017.


I regularly supervise the following courses: Logic and Proof (sheet1, sheet2, sheet3), Discrete Mathematics (sheet1, sheet2), Semantics, Denotational Semantics, and Hoare Logic and Model Checking.