PerSec 2007 paper submission instructions

The following steps are involved.

  1. Create an author account for yourself.
  2. Type the metadata for your paper.
  3. Upload your paper.

In greater detail:

  1. Create an author account for yourself:
    1. Ensure your browser accepts cookies; then visit (If you experience problems, please try another browser or another machine. Both Firefox and M$IE have worked in our tests.)
    2. Fill in the form with your data (at least the fields in red) and submit.
    3. Repeat the above process for each of the authors of your paper.
    4. Check your email for a login/password pair for the server.
  2. Type the metadata for your paper:
    1. Using the login data from 1d, visit the server. The raw URL is but the email in 1d contains an extended URL with your login credentials.
    2. That page serves all the workshops. Find PerSec (the last entry as I write) and click on the "submit paper" icon, which looks like a notepad.
    3. Fill in the form. All authors must have been previously registered on the server as per step 1c.
    4. You should get to a page that says "Paper nnn created. You can upload your paper now."
  3. Upload your paper:
    1. Follow the link in 2d. You get to a form that says "Uploading paper nnn".
    2. Click on "browse". You get a dialog box that lets you explore your local file system. Find the pdf containing your paper and click OK. The local path to the paper appears in the entry box.
    3. Click Upload.
    4. Check your email for a confirmation message.

Thank you for submitting!

You will hear from us once reviewing is over.

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