LCE Monday meetings for Lent 2003

All at 16:15 in Gates FW11 unless otherwise noted.

Our meetings are open to current members of the University of Cambridge. The highlighted events are open to anyone.

Talk by Andy Hopper about his recent meeting with Tony Blair at No 10
Talk by Frank Hoffmann and James Scott: "Networked Surfaces at the LCE"

Networked Surfaces are a novel networking technology using surfaces such as desks to provide networking to devices such as PDAs, peripherals, and computers. This talk describes the prototype constructed at the LCE, and some research issues in TCP/IP and location-aware computing. The authors' experiences of hardware-oriented and partnership-oriented PhD research are briefly discussed. The talk concludes by outlining the potential for further research into the Networked Surfaces concept.

    • Paper: Hartmut Surmann and Kai Lingemann and Andreas Nüchter and Joachim Hertzber, A 3D Laser Range Finder For Autonomous Mobile Robots, Proceedings of the 32nd International Symposium on Robotics, 2001.
    • Supporter: Rob Harle
    • Presenter: Karen Su
    • Devil's Advocate: John Fawcett
    • Feedback from the audience: visual, raw.
Non-standard location: our tiny LCE meeting room, SN08. Bring own chair.
    • Paper: Nobukazu Shima, Masahiro Babasaki, Yoshiki Akidzuki, Kanako F. Honda, Takashi Higuchi, Hirofumi Higashida, Ryuichi Nakamura, Fusion Sensor for Driving Assistance System, Fujitsu Ten Technical Journal No.17, June 2001. Also available as bitmap or gzipped postscript if you can't read the above owing to font problems (which the free Asian font pack from Adobe should resolve).
    • Supporter: Kam Sanmugalingam
    • Presenter: Matthew Adams
    • Devil's Advocate: Kasim Rehman
    • Feedback from the audience: visual, raw.
    • Paper: Henry, P.S., Hui Luo, WiFi: what's next?, IEEE Communications Magazine, Volume 40, Issue 12, Dec 2002.
    • Supporter: Chong Eng Tan
    • Presenter: Andrew Rice
    • Devil's Advocate: Evan Mella
    • Feedback from the audience: visual, raw.
  1. Talk by Mike Hazas on Dolphin, a novel broadband ultrasonic location system
    • Paper: J. Hightower, G. Borriello, Location Systems for Ubiquitous Computing, IEEE Computer, August 2001 (Vol 34, No.8) p.57-66.
    • Supporter: Eleftheria Katsiri
    • Presenter: Matthew Adams
    • Devil's Advocate: Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou
    • Feedback from the audience: visual, raw.
Seminar led by Frank Stajano on "PhD, the rules of the game"
Featuring guest star Mike Bond and LCE alumnus Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza
Recommended reading (the reason why this is recommended will become clearer later): Matt Blaze, Cryptology and Physical Security: Rights Amplification in Master-Keyed Mechanical Locks, 2002

Feedback from the audience: visual, raw.

    • Topic: A Bayesian Approach to Improving Web Cache Inter-Communication Latency
    • Speaker: Rip Sohan
    • Feedback from the audience: visual, raw.
Nonstandard location: FW09 (but we later reverted to FW11 since it was empty)
    • Paper: Mahadev Satyanarayanan, "Mobile Information Access", IEEE Personal Communications, Vol. 3, No. 1, Feb 1996
    • Supporter: Leo Patanapongpibul
    • Presenter: Andrew Rice
    • Devil's Advocate: Kieran Mansley
    • Feedback from the audience: visual, raw.

Frank Stajano (filologo disneyano)

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