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1 Paolo p.castagno@flashnet.it
The Disney Comics Webring home page.
It also includes a very interesting on-line DB about Disney publications issued in Italy made with the collaboration of many people, a Disney comics market, and otrher interesting stuff such as scans from Gottfredson paintings, I Classici Disney and some Disney stamps

2 Sko sko@raptus.dk
Disney comics published in Denmark, with special focus on Italian artists and publications. Hundreds of scanned covers and pages from books etc.

3 Xephyr xephyr@jps.net
"The D-Zone" (Disney Zone) and "Disney's HooZoo" (Who's Who) feature original art, trivia and and lots of information about many of your favorite characters from Disney comics and animation, both foreign and domestic, classic and contemporary. Many of the items here can be found NOWHERE ELSE on the Internet. °O°

5 Lauritsen duckburg@duckburg.dk
D.U.C.K.burg is a Don Rosa fan page with a D.U.C.K. dedication index, an index of hidden Mickey Mouses in Don Rosa's stories, various articles - and more! Often updated!

8 Tarjei kidd@online.no
The Uncle Scrooge web pages with an interesting Duck timeline based on both Barks and Rosa works!

9 Geinet geinet@stud.misjonshs.no
The Unofficial Don Rosa Gallery (Probably the widest Don Rosa Page in the Universe!)

13 Didier dghez@aol.com
The site of reference for Disney book enthusiasts. The aim of this site is to guide you in your Disney research and to provide you with the most comprehensive list of Disney books ressources. It is updated on a regular basis.

14 Frank (Filologo Disneyano) fstajano@orl.co.uk
The pages about Romano Scarpa, Giorgio Cavazzano, Don Rosa, the book about him I wrote with Leonardo Gori and Alberto Becattini, Floyd Gottfredson and the book about him I wrote with Leonardo Gori ...and more to follow, of course!

16 Eta Beta etabeta@notme.com
Eega Beeva's magic pocket! With special pages about Disney pets, Parodies, and other interesting stuff!

17 Le12ro le12ro@bigfoot.com
would you like french Scrooge ? french DBZ ? french ICQ help ? Chat Help ? and another interestings things? Go to my HP !!! it's the total in french!

18 Sigvaldg sigvaldg@stud.ntnu.no
"Don Rosa in Scandinavia" is the part of my homepage that is completely dedicated to the Scandinavian (Norway, Sweden and Denmark) publications of the work of Don Rosa.

19 Balaboo etabeta@notme.com
A page dedicated to the "discovery" of Romano Scarpa for the deprived English language reader.

20 Hagensen hagensen@post9.tele.dk
A site about the great artist, Don Rosa

22 Thais Fonseca thaisfonseca@usa.net
In my homepage you'll see pictures of my trips to Walt Disney World, some images of Mickey Mouse, my webrings and award

43 Stefan jmc@itn.is
I have everything on donald duck and co!!!!

46 Mickynutt mickynutt@aol.com
Mickey Land is a great place for every Mickey Lover out there!!! I have tons of Mickey stuff for all of you. If you want to know what my site has to offer, come in and find out...I'm sure you won't be dissapointed. My site is still under consruction, so please bear with me. Oh, and please be sure you sign my guestbook on your way out, and have a magical stay at Mickey Land!!

48 Barksrosaindex thomas@duckburg.dk
The Carl Barks & Don Rosa comic book index -sorted by release dates (not finished yet - but started)

49 Barks World sauli_jokinen@yahoo.com
SaleŽs carl Barks page

50 Mouses_Archives mouses_archives@hotmail.com
Mickey Mouse Comics & Animation. Comics Creators : Ceasar Ferioli arts page (Floyd Gottfredson, Romano Scarpa, Paul Murry). Add your own artworks at the fan arts gallery!

51 Mauri "Duck" Eronen mauri-marja.eronen@pp.inet.fi
Information about Finnish ducks and especially about Don Rosa. Some criticisms about the newest Finnish duck magazines and good links.

53 P.O pekkak@hem2.passagen.se
Don Rosa and Carl Barks

54 Lunz lunz@notme.com
MIDI-archive, lon descriptions of both charaters and films of Disney

55 Kali And Nicole kalcole@tcimet.net
Great Fun...Lots OF MICKEY!!! and of COURSE ALL OF HIS FRIENDS!!!

57 Mads astrup_jensen@hotmail.com
This site has links to all Don Rosa and Carl Barks online comics on the www

60 Moneybin steve_ortman@email.com
This site is dedicated to Barks comics which includes comics from around the world (with comic beginnings from America, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, etc.) and some information on non-Disney stuff from Carl Barks.

61 Donrosa damoremc@tin.it
The only Italian site about the Disney Cartoonist Don Rosa, autor of "The LIfe and the Time of $crooge McDuck".

62 Danmichael danmichael@c2i.net
My Donald-site. Clips from Donald comics, links, information and... lot's of fun!!!!!! Norwegian and English version.

65 Hall-Bak hall-bak@online.no
A page about Don Rosa

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