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Guest Lecture

Title: "X-Stream: A case study in building a graph processing system"

Speaker: Amitabha Roy, post-doctoral researcher in the Laboratory for Operating Systems at EPFL

Abstract: X-Stream is a system for processing large graphs on a single machine that was built at EPFL. X-Stream is unique in being designed for processing graphs both from main memory and from secondary storage based on the observation that for
either of the two memory hierarchies sequential access to the slowest level is the best strategy. It introduces the edge-centric model of computation that lets it stream edges and updates sequentially and incorporates a number of other interesting optimizations and data structures that will be discussed. Unlike a standard conference style talk I will also talk about what did not work and the mistakes we made when building and evaluating X-Stream; to illustrate how to design, build and evaluate a large graph processing system and get it largely right.

Bio: Amitabha Roy is a post-doctoral researcher in the Laboratory for Operating Systems at EPFL where he leads the X-Stream graph processing project and collaborates on the Orbe key-value store. He likes building systems that involve an intersection between algorithms, systems and computer architecture. Amitabha got his PhD from the Systems Research Group at the University of Cambridge where he built a transparent implementation of software transactional memory for x86 machine code. He has previously worked at Intel on the performance and correctness of memory subsystems including early exploratory work on Intel's quick path interconnect.