I am a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. I am also affiliated with the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, where I have been awarded a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship. Previously, I have been a Research Scientist at the International Computer Science Institute and the Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, University of California, BerkeleyI received my PhD from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and Pembroke College in 2011. 


My research is in the area of natural language processing (NLP), with a specific focus on 
computational semantics and machine learning from linguistic and multimodal data. Current 
interests and projects include:
  • weakly-supervised and unsupervised learning for large-scale semantic interpretation
  • computational modelling of figurative language
  • multi-modal semantics and joint modelling of language and vision
  • multilingual NLP and linguistic typology
  • cognitive processing and semantic representation in the brain
  • computational social science


  • I am an area chair for ACL 2018 (Word-level semantics)
  • I am co-chairing SemEval 2018 and SemEval 2019
  • I am co-organising the new LREC 2018 Workshop on Linguistic and Neuro-Cognitive Resources (LiNCR), where I am the PC chair.
  • I am co-chairing the new NAACL 2018 Workshop on Figurative Language Processing.
  • Marek Rei has recently released the code and trained models from our EMNLP 2017 paper.


University of Cambridge 
Computer Laboratory 
William Gates Building 
15 JJ Thomson Avenue 
Cambridge CB3 0FD 
United Kingdom

Office: FE09
Phone: +44 (0) 1223 763738

Email: ekaterina.shutova @ cl.cam.ac.uk