Natural Language Engineering

A guide for contributors of BOOK REVIEWS

(Revised 2nd April 2001)

Please follow the guidelines below in the preparation of your manuscript for publication.

1. Please submit your review in plain ASCII or Word format. Word documents should be suitably encoded for transmission over Electronic Mail.

2. Length: book reviews should be between 800 and 2000 words in length. Reviews which substantially exceed the word limit may be cut by the Reviews Editor or will alternatively be sent back to the author to be shortened. If the author is unwilling to do this, the Reviews Editor may ask for the book to be returned so that another reviewer can be found.

3. As well as a review of the quality and content of the book, it is helpful if you give some indication of for whom the book may prove useful: for example, undergraduates on first courses in computional linguistics, research students working on information extraction, engineers building speech synthesis systems etc.

4. Please begin your review with the book details as fully as possible, following this example:

John Nerbonne, Klaus Netter and Carl Pollard, editors. German in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar. Stanford, California: CSLI. 1994. ISBN 1 881 52630 5 Price £16.95/US$21.95 (paperback), £40.00/US$49.95 (hardback). xiii+593 pages.

5. Please follow either British English or U.S. English conventions for spelling and expression consistently. In words ending in -ize/-ise use -ize, but note that analyze is acceptable only with U.S. spelling.

6. FOOTNOTES should be avoided. If there are any, they should not be typed at the bottom of the page, but should form a separate section clearly separated from the main text. Any footnotes should be consecutively numbered starting from 1.

7. NUMBERED EXAMPLES. Include all the example numbers and any letters in parentheses, e.g.

(4) (a) John likes Mary.

(NOT: 4 a./(4)a./etc. John likes Mary.)

Tree diagrams and other simple diagrams should be numbered like other examples. Charts and tables should be labeled underneath as Figure 1 or Table 1. and, preferably, given a caption. Each such item should be set out on a separate sheet (even if it is included in the main body of the text).

8. REFERENCES, if any , should be typed as a separate section preceding any footnotes. Note that the initial(s) ALWAYS follow(s) the Surname. If there is more than one work by the same author, the name should be repeated (i.e. do not use a rule). In the case of joint authors or editors use the & sign, not the word and.

Please follow the examples below:


Surname, A.B. (1991). Title with Capital Letters for All Main Words. Place: Publisher.

Surname, A.B. (ed.) (1991). Title as above. Place: Publisher.

Surname, A.B., Surname, C.D. & Surname, E.F. (eds.) (1985-1991). Title as above for multivolume series (4 vols.). Place: Publisher.

Articles in books

Surname, A.B. (1991). Article title with capital letters only for first word and Proper Nouns. In Surname, C.D., Surname, E.F. & Surname, G.H. (eds.) Book title as above. pp345-6 Place: Publisher.

Articles in journals

Surname, A.B. (1991). Article title with capital letters only for first word and Proper Nouns. Journal Name with Content Words in Capital Letters 24: pp128-6.

Within the text the reference should be as Surname (1991) (or if in parentheses Surname, 1991, for example). Embedded parentheses should be avoided.

9. Authors should identify themselves by their name, full institutional postal address and email address at the end of the review. For example,

John Tait,
University of Sunderland,
School of Computing and Information Systems,
PO Box 299,
St. Peter's Campus,
Sunderland SR6 0YN

10. Where used diagrams may be submitted in TIFF format.

11. Normally the Reviews Editor will make minor modifications to, for example, ensure a review conforms to the Journal's style criteria without reference to the reviewer. Where there is any reasonable possibility the sense of the review has been altered, reviewers will of course be consulted. Please indicate on submission if this policy is unacceptable.

12. Submission of your review should be via one of the following routes:

Electronic Mail:

or on IBM PC 3.5 inch floppy disc by post to

Lesley Jenkins
Natural Language Engineering
School of Computing and Information Systems
The David Goldman Informatics Centre
St Peter's Campus
St Peter's Way
Sunderland SR6 0DD

Please note that you may be asked to reformat your manuscript or part of it if it departs in major ways from the style specified above.

Should you have any queries concerning the form of the manuscript, please contact Ted Briscoe as above