Hello World

a photograph of me on set My name is Dean Dodds. I am a Writer and Script Supervisor.

I have been a film fanatic for years and eventually studied filmmaking, attending EICAR (Ecole International De Creation et Realisation) in Paris and Anglia Ruskin University.

After graduating I worked for years on various productions, from CBeebies shows to superhero films and everything inbetween. I also write my own stories and completed a Masters in Creative Writing with the Open University.

Right now I am working as a student administor in the department of computer science. It's odd, I was planning on studying computer science at one point in my life, before I decided to run away and join the circus (I spent far too much time as a kid, writing chat programs on old computers), so walking past a piece of EDSAC when I come into work, having studied it, feels like I'm on the other side of the looking glass.

Other than that, I'm working on getting my stories produced and published and planning a PhD (I'm really hoping someone talks me out of it, it seems hard!!!!!).

You can see what I have worked on by visiting my IMDB page.

Or ask me about some of my stories, The Grind, The Cronus Club, This Is My Happy Place, D3VIL, Elegy, Good Time Inc, Snap, The Best of You (which was recently performed on BBC radio).