Desislava Hristova

PhD Student, Networks and Operating Systems Group
Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge



I am a final year PhD Candidate under the supervision of Prof. Cecilia Mascolo. Prior to this, I worked as a Research Assistant at UCL under Prof. Licia Capra after I graduated from the MSc Computer Science program there. My main research interest is in multilayer geo-social networks (social networks embedded in physical space where more than one type of link exists between nodes), with applications to urban and social systems. I also have a long-standing fascination with the dynamics of crowdsourced online communities such as Wikipedia and OpenSteetMap.

You can find my full resume [here].




The International Postal Network and Other Global Flows As Proxies for National Wellbeing. [link] Hristova, D., Rutherford, A., Anson, J., Luengo-Oroz, M., Mascolo, C. 2016 ArXiv pre-print.

Measuring Urban Social Diversity Using Interconnected Geo-Social Networks. [pdf]
Hristova, D., Williams, M., Musolesi, M., Panzarasa, P., Mascolo, C. International World Wide Web Conference (WWW), Montréal, Canada, April 2016.

Multilayer Brokerage in Geo-Social Networks. [pdf]
Hristova, D., Panzarasa, P., Mascolo, C. International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM), Oxford, UK, May 2015.

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Facebook Friends Closer: A Multiplex Network Approach to the Analysis of Offline and Online Social Ties. [pdf] [poster]
Hristova, D., Musolesi, M., Mascolo, C. International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM), Ann Arbor, USA, June 2014.

The Life of the Party: Impact of Social Mapping in OpenStreetMap, 2013. [pdf] [vid]
Hristova, D., Quattrone, G., Mashhadi, A., Capra, L. International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM), Boston, USA, June 2013.

Mapping Community Engagement with Urban Crowd-Sourcing, 2012. [pdf]
Hristova, D., Mashhadi, A., Quattrone, G., Capra, L. Where the City Meets the Citizen Workshop at ICWSM, Dublin, Ireland, June 2012.

Properties of Trust in Community Mapping Mobile Applications. [pdf]
Hristova, D., Beeharee, A., Capra, L. Master's Thesis, UCL 2011.

Other Roles.

I am a member of Murray Edwards College and Computing Officer of the MCR, and also Web Coordinator for our departmental women@CL group. Please contact me with any relevant queries.


Office FN06
Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
William Gates Building
15 JJ Thompson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD