Computer Laboratory

Dr Christian O'Connell

I am a visiting researcher in the Security Group. My interests include digital signal processing and hardware security.


Please send set work to by 6pm the day before the supervision if you would like feedback.

Project Ideas

I am available to supervise Part II projects. Some ideas are listed below, but I am also open to ideas particularly in the field of signal processing

  • Video Eavesdropping using Software-Defined Radio: Electronic devices such as monitors emit electro-magnetic radiation which can unintentionally contain information about the device. Appropriate signal processing techniques can be used to recover the information to spy remotely on a target. For example, in the case of computer monitors a video raster of what is displayed on the screen can be extracted. Other devices such as keyboards are also vulnerable to eavesdropping attacks. A project in this area would focus heavily upon RF signal processing techniques.
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces: A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a method of interacting with a computer directly via brainwaves, commonly recorded by an Electroencephalogram (EEG). Beyond novelty, it can be used to assist those with disabilities who would otherwise be unable to interact with more traditional methods of computer input. There are many different types of BCI, two of the most common in literature are:
    • Motor Imagery: Imagined movement of the limbs can be detected in the motor cortex to produce discreet inputs states. They are often asynchronous (user can supply input at will) and find use in robotics control.
    • P300 Speller: The P300 wave occurs after recognition of an expected stimulus. It is often used to create speller applications for textual input. A grid of letters and numbers rapidly flash; when the desired input is highlighted, the P300 wave identifies the desired input. They are often synchronous (input is requested by the computer)
    A project in BCI would utilise signal processing and machine learning techniques.