Aniruddh Rao Kabbinale

Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK

Email: ark54[AT], aniruddh.kabbinale[AT], anirudh.kabi[AT], anirudh.kabi[AT]

Phone: +44(0)1223763501

Mobile: +447377101374, +918454992356

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I come from Bellary, in north Karnataka. My parents work at Bellary currently. My father comes from Kabbinale, a small village near Udupi, Karnataka.

I am a music enthusiast. I have learnt Carnatic Vocal music from Mrs B V Saroja. I also play violin (Novice). Most of my performances at IIT Bombay have been in the events of Kannada Sangha. Here are a few pics and videos of various performances at IITB.

Anirudh Rao performance-Vividh 2014

Posted by Arunabh Majumdar on Sunday, February 9, 2014

Folk Instrumental-Kannada Sangha,Vividh 2014

Vid Credits- Prachi Moghe

Posted by Arunabh Majumdar on Sunday, February 9, 2014

Laali Haadu: Link to one of the songs I recorded at IITB. The song is written By my senior and friend Arjun, pursuing P.hD in CSE at IITB who also is from Karnataka. He wrote this song for her new born baby girl "Olavu".

I am also actively involved in Kannada Sangha activities at IIT Bombay. I am the current General Secretary of IIT Bombay Kannada Sangha for the year 2015-16

Other links: my facebook page and My Linkedin profile.