Fresh O'Caml examples

hm.mlA naive implementation of Hindley-Milner type inference for a mini ML.
minimetaml.mlA semantics-based interpreter for a miniature, untyped MetaML.
nbe.mlNormalization by evaluation for untyped lambda terms.
nomst.mlNormalization by evaluation for Nominal System T.
pi-caclulator.mlProgram to calculate the possible labelled transitions from a process expression in the Milner-Parrow-Walker Pi-Calculus.
plc.mlType checking and syntactic normalization for Polymorphic Lambda Calculus (PLC).
plc-nbe.mlType checking and normalisation by evaluation for Polymorphic Lambda Calculus (PLC).
stlc.mlType-checking simply typed lambda calculus as an example of using general abstraction types.

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