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Lectures and slides for school students interested in Computer Science

A-level school students (age 16-18, UK school years 12 and 13) wanting a flavour of how Computer Science differs from `school ICT', and from `programming' may find my slides from a Sutton Trust two-lecture summer-school course on `algorithms' useful. (There is also an exercise sheet.)
Students interested in the idea of ``Computational Thinking'' should visit (Jeannette Wing's articles and YouTube video).

Also there is a half-hour set of slides intended for 14-year-olds (starting UK year 10) on Computer Science, Maths, Raspberry Pi given as part of the University of Sheffield Computer Science Cutlers' Ambassador Scheme.

See also Alan Mycroft's home page.

Lectures and slides for university students of Computer Science

At Cambridge, Alan Mycroft currently lectures

He has previously lectured Compiler Construction and Floating-Point Computation.

BEWARE: OUT OF DATE: here is list of Mycroft's suggestions for possible CST final-year projects and also a list of industrially suggested projects

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