Welcome to GAIA Workshop 2017

This year GAIA workshop will be held in Cambridge, UK during 26 - 27 January 2017. The theme of the workshop will focus on the development of local networking infrastructures using cooperative & open-access management schemes. We consider two main approaches:

  • Open-access radio spectrum (and its availability, sharing, open access, etc).
  • Community networks (with similar properties) providing open-access connectivity (and also IX-like infrastructures etc).

The workshop is supported by the Internet Society, EU H2020 RIFE Project, EU H2020 Netcommons Project and the EPSRC GCRF African Internet Measurement Observatory (AIMO) project.

If you are interested in giving a talk, send us (organization) an email on the topic with a short abstract. Talks will be brief (5-10 mins and slides) to leave time for discussions in small groups to elaborate ideas and then share the outcome to everyone.


We would like to know how many of you can make it - for catering & organisation purposes. Doodle poll is here


The GAIA workshop will be arranged in Computer laboratory, University of Cambridge (meeting room FW26). For more information please visit (maps and directions)