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Dr Andrei Bejan

Andrei BejanNB I am currently working at the Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics and System Engineering as Consulting Mathematician. I will be joining Origami Energy, UK in November 2018. This is my 2009-2015 Computer Laboratory departmental web page.

Research: Between 2009 and 2015 I have been a research associate affiliated with Computer Laboratory (2009-2011), Statistical Laboratory (2011-2012) and Clare College (2012-2015), University of Cambridge. I applied statistical modelling to study transport traffic, communication and energy systems. In particular, I studied properties of multipath and multicast communication protocols in mobile wireless ad-hoc networks. I also took interest in distributed energy storage systems with high penetration of renewables.

Broadly speaking, my research interests include stochastic modelling and statistical inference, as well as optimal experimental design problems; priority queueing systems with switchover times, polling systems; optimisation on graphs and networks; random matrix theory and its applications.

While my recent work includes mathematics of communication, energy and power network systems, I have earlier been working on the TIME-EACM project, which explored how sensor networks and distributed systems can be used in order to improve transport traffic management and control. In particular, I was working on statistical modelling and analysis of sparse urban transport traffic data.

My previous research includes a PhD in Operational Research on `Switchover Time Modelling in Priority Queueing Systems' and a PhD in Statistics on `Inference and Experimental Design for Percolation and Random Graph Models'. In my MSc thesis I was interested in the spectral analysis of sample covariance matrices: specifically, the dissertation discussed computational aspects and numerical realisation of the Tracy-Widom distributions as well as the solution to Painleve II differential equation (with realisations in R/S-Plus).

Teaching/supervising: I typically teach/supervise mathematical courses and final year projects for CompSci and NatSci Tripos students at the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Departments.

My CV is available here.

News & events

  • Previous talks and visits:
    [Jun'14] Attending International Technology Alliance BOOTCAMP 2014, Newark, Delaware, USA.
    [Spt'14] Attending International Technology Alliance Annual Fall Meeting 2014, Cardiff, UK.
    [Oct'13] Visiting IBM Palisades Conference Center in New York for an International Technology Alliance project conference, October 1-3, 2013.
    [Sept'13] Presented the paper "A Performance Analysis Study of Multipath Routing in a Hybrid Network with Mobile Users" (together with Richard Gibbens, Don Towsley and Yeon-sup Lim) at the 25th International Teletraffic Congress in Shanghai, China, September 10-12, 2013.
    [Sept'11] Gave a talk Using velocity fields in evaluating urban traffic congestion via sparse public transport data and crowdsourced maps at Cambridge Statistics Initiative Special One-Day Meeting, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK, 26 September 2011.
    [Jul'11] Gave a talk Bayesian Experimental Design for Percolation and other Random Graph Models at the Design and Analysis of Experiments Programme. Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK, July 2011.

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