Selected Projects

Media and Behavior


(comming soon) Across-media patterns of media use and evolution.

Spatial Coordination Games for Large-Scale Viz.


Visualization as a spatial coordination game. Practical application of game-theory in an important problem, fast and low-stress embeddings.

Joint Shape Edit Games


User and Machine draw and edit sketches together. Learn modifications online and graphically (for websearches, drawings, diagrammatic command diagrams, etc.)

Contra-Ataque! Non-profit


Models of how communities obtain information (and learn) cooperatively, and how they can improve. Causality-based (towards full-time emplyoment) activities recommendation system.

Coordination Games for Vision


Game in the image grid, players correspond to different shape classes. Fast and accurate results. Super-parallel (CUDA) implementation.

Games over graphs


Machine Learning problems as dynamical systems over graphs, attractors as players' solutions (MIT Thesis).

Learning to move in a graphical world


Graphical creatures (i.e., of masses and springs) learn to follow and control a ball together. Learning studied with different 'graphs' (body configurations) and algorithms.

Research Summary

About me

I'm a University of Cambridge PhD and former MIT Medialab student and the founder of Contra-Ataque!, a Brazillian Non-profit Organization. I've worked with some pretty impressive people both there and the University of Tokyo.






Feel free to contact me about any projects on the address below.

4-4-5 Koishikawa
Bunkyo, Tokyo
Japan, 112-0002

+_81 3 5840 819644


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