Electronic frontiers

The culture of electronic frontiers


the electronic counter culture

Brand's WELL



libertarianism and masculinity in cyber-space


free/libre/open-source software

creative commons

RiP: A remix manifesto

political commentary in the UK

Bill Dutton's "fifth estate"

1.ClergyPublic Intellectuals
4.PressMass Media
5.-The Mob

"The enemy of the fifth estate is the other four estates"

John Naughton - what politicians need to know about the internet

  • Take the long view - back to Gutenberg
  • The web is not the net (tracks and signalling matter)
  • Disruption is a feature not a bug
  • Think ecology, not economics - there is no scarcity
  • In a complex world, the worst thing you can have is a plan
  • The network is the computer (it's a "cloud")
  • The web is changing rapidly - AJAX, Semantic web?
  • Which dystopia do you want? 1986 or Brave New World
  • Computers are copying machines, so IP is broken
CHUCOL Seminar
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