Digital aesthetics

Digital aesthetics


computer science as high modernism


texture as computer romanticism

grime and rust


rich textures and profligate information use




borderlands of art-science and "new media"

re-inventing homo ludens

discretionary devices

provocative gadgets


Reading List:


Linda Candy and Ernest Edmonds
Explorations in Art and Technology
Springer 2002

A review of a long series of collaborations with visiting artists at the Creativity and Cognition Research Studio in Loughborough. Candy and Edmonds are now based in Australia, in the University of Sydney.

Anthony Dunne
Hertzian Tales: Electronic Products, Aesthetic Experience, and Critical Design
MIT Press 2005

Dunne is a professor at the Royal College of Art, where he is responsible for their Master's Programme in Computer Related Design. This book describes many of the philosophical foundations of that course, particularly in changing the nature of our engagement with digital technology. The book is based on Dunne's PhD dissertation, and provides a valuable insight into the nature of "practice-based" research conducted in schools of art and design.

John Heskett
Toothpicks & Logos: Design in Everyday Life
Oxford University Press 2002

An excellent introduction to the idea of design as a coherent body of practice, ranging across the whole range of design professions, products and histories.

Kees Dorst
Understanding Design: 150 Reflections on Being a Designer
BIS Publishers 2003

A rather elegant book, which offers insights to people who do design, as well as to those who consume it or collaborate with designers. The title is self-explanatory, really.

Richard Coyne
Designing Information Technology in the Postmodern Age: From Method to Metaphor.
MIT Press 1995

An unusually constructive attempt to apply postmodern philosophy to the concerns of contemporary technology design. A good book to have at hand if you want to confuse or worry your acquaintances who are studying computer science.

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