CSLI Studies in Computational Linguistics

I am editor for the book series CSLI Studies in Computational Linguistics. The series covers all areas of computational linguistics and language technology, with a special emphasis on work which has direct relevance to practical applications, makes formal advances and incorporates insights into natural language processing from other fields, especially linguistics and psychology. Books in this series describe groundbreaking research or provide an accessible and up-to-date overview of an area for non-specialists. Work which documents freely available resources for language processing, such as software, grammars, dictionaries or corpora is also included.

We are interested in seeing proposals for new books (including books based on PhD theses, provided they are of sufficient general interest). All book proposals are reviewed by experts in computational linguistics. I am happy to give informal feedback on book ideas but actual proposals should be sent to CSLI publications. For more information and contact details see the CSLI publications web site and especially the information for authors.

Software associated with books can be distributed with the book on a CD as was done with Beesley and Kartunnen's book. Alternatively it may be made downloadable via the author's own website: for instance Blackburn and Bos's book has assocociated software that can be accessed from this software download page.

The new online series (CSLI Studies in Computational Linguistics Online) should be useful for conference organisers who need quick publication.