women@CL provides local, national and international activities for women engaged in computing research and academic leadership

Purpose of the network

The purpose of the women@CL network is to put in place a positive action programme for women in computing research, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary research, leadership and enterprise.
Our programme consists of career development activities including regional and national workshops, mentoring and networking, with long term goals of:

  • providing support for women in computing research;
  • stimulating new research by bringing diverse viewpoints and expertise to bear;
  • increasing the recruitment and retention of women in computing research careers;
  • encouraging and supporting women to aim for early leadership roles;
  • increasing women’s understanding and participation in entrepreneurial ventures;
  • contributing to a positive public perception and image of computer science;
  • increasing public engagement in computer science;

Our programme consists of a variety of local activities such as women@CL lunch talks that provide role models to our students and early career women, and our national and international activities include events like career development workshops at major conferences, regional technical meetings, and senior women leadership summits. We forge formal connections with existing bodies with similar goals. We also promote successful women and projects by placing articles, profiles and interviews in all forms of media.

women@CL Committee

women@CL is run by the Computer Lab staff and students. We are:

Poonam Yadav, Chair
Diana Vasile, Deputy Chair

Ayat Fekry, Tech Events Co-Chair
Zohreh Shams, Tech Events Co-Chair
Helen Yannakoudakis, Tech Events Co-Chair
Roxana Elena Dumitriu, Social Events Co-Chair
Maria Perez, Social Events Co-Chair
Theodora Zamfirache, Media Chair
Bihao Wang, Mentoring Chair
Raluca Diaconu, Oxbridge Conference Co-Chair
Olesya Razuvayevskaya, Oxbridge Conference Co-Chair
Amrita Panesar, Undergraduate Representative
Anito Vero, Postgraduate Representative
Bihao Wang, Postdoc Representative

Andrew Moore, Academic Director
Mateja Jamnik, Founder
Marketa Green, Academic Administrator

If you are interested in becoming a member of the women@CL committee please contact us.
For past members and friends of our organisation, please visit the Friends of women@CL page.

Our Events

women@CL events include:

  • Big Sister Little Sister Events - The Big Sister Little Sister programme was formed at the request for informal student-to-student mentoring. Events such as dinners, movie nights and formal halls provide opportunities for students to socialise.
  • Coffee and cakes - Coffee & cakes offers students a chance to socialise on a regular basis. Bring or buy your own coffee while women@CL provide the chocolate cake.
  • Speaker Lunches- Our women@CL lunch talks provide an opportunity for everyone to network with early-career women role models in research, industry or start-ups. These lunch events are open to all, we provide free lunch including chocolate cake, and our attendance is high with the approximate split of 50-50 between women and men.

Local Mailing Lists

women@CL have a mailing list through lists.cam.ac.uk, members of the list can send and receive mail that is relevant to women working in computing. For more information please go to our mailing list page.

WICR Mailing List

To stay informed anyone can subscribe to the WICR mailing list. The aim of this list is to disseminate information about activities that celebrate, inform or support women in the UK who are, or plan to be, engaged in computing research or academic leadership. To join the WICR list send email to with SUBSCRIBE WICR in the body, or go to http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/wicr
Anyone who wants to launch a discussion is welcome to do so by inviting responses privately then summarising to the list. For now the list is unmoderated, and archives are public on the jiscmail website to provide a handy reference. For queries about the list please contact us.