Big Sister Little Sister programme

women@CL works to promote peer mentoring in the Computer Lab. As part of this effort we have established the Big Sister-Little Sister initiative, so that current members can provide guide and advice to new arrivals.

At the beginning of the academic year, we contact Big Sisters (current members) and pair them with Little Sisters (new arrivals), within their research group or academic status (i.e. undergraduates with undergraduates, postgraduates with postgraduates and postdocs and with postdocs).

The key responsibilities of a Big Sister are:

  1. Providing advice: contacting her little sister at least once a term and meeting with her in person if she requires advice.
  2. Encouraging networking: invite her little sister to women@CL seminars and social events (and in particular to the welcome event).

Events such as dinners, movie nights and formal halls provide opportunities for students to socialise. For past events please see our archive.

We thank Facebook for sponsoring BSLS programme of women@CL.