Department of Computer Science and Technology

Transferring to Part IB Computer Science from another Tripos

Part IB of the Computer Science Tripos is normally taken as the second year of the course. It is, however, possible to transfer into this having taken the first year of another course. It is also possible to take it in your third year.

When can you transfer?

It is possible to transfer to Part IB at the start of the second or third year. You can then continue to Part II in your third or fourth year.

Whose permission do you need?

You need to have the permission of your College but not permission from the Faculty or University. Each person's case is considered individually on its merits. You need to talk to your Tutor and your College's Director of Studies in Computer Science.

From which other Triposes?

It is theoretically possible to transfer into Part IB Computer Science from any other Tripos, provided that you have obtained honours in an honours examination. In practice, students need a certain level of mathematical preparation in order to tranfer successfully. As a guide, students who are best placed to transfer have studied either the Mathematical Tripos or the Engineering Tripos or the Natural Sciences Tripos (having taken Natural Science Mathematics in their first year).

What extra work is required?

For students who have not read Computer Science Paper 1, it is certainly possible to transfer into Part IB, but they need to acknowledge that they are taking on a considerable amount of work if they are to transfer successfully. These students will need to work through all of the lecture notes for the Paper 1 and Paper 2 courses in the Long Vacation. In particular, they will need to be fully up to speed with Java in order that they can complete the Java programming exercise that is due in the third week of Michaelmas Term and participate fully in the Group Project.

Are there alternative ways to transfer into Computer Science?

Any student who wishes to transfer but is judged unable to cope with Part IB can consider degrading and re-starting their degree with Part IA of the Computer Science Tripos. This has financial implications so any student considering this route must talk to their Tutor at the earliest opportunity.

Can you take Part IB as your final year and still get a BA degree?

While we expect most students to continue on to Part II, it is currently possible to graduate with an Ordinary B.A. degree having taken Part IB of the Computer Science Tripos as your final (third) year. Under current (2013) University regulations, a student may proceed to an Ordinary B.A. degree having passed any two honours examinations provided they are not in the same Tripos and the second of these two honours examinations is attained in the last but one of the terms needed for the degree. It is therefore possible to graduate having taken at least one other honours exam from another Tripos (i.e., a Part IA, a Part IB, or a Part I) followed by Part IB of the Computer Science Tripos. At Cambridge, each examination is classed individually and there is no overall classification for the degree itself, so it is up to you how you present the different Tripos results on your CV.

Further information on regulations can be found in Statutes and Ordinances.