Department of Computer Science and Technology


This section indicates the critical dates and events throughout the year. These dates should be seen as immovable deadlines which must not be missed.1 Enter them in your diary now!

Briefing session

A briefing session is given at the start of Full Term - see . Questions relating to this document will be answered. On the day of this session you will be learn who your Overseers are via the projects web page.2

Project Proposal

Over the first two weeks of term you submit three versions of your proposal, with the first two being drafts.

A 100-word outline of your project idea must be submitted to your Overseers on the Phase 1 Project Selection Status Report form by 3:00pm on Monday 14th October.

A draft project proposal must be submitted to your Overseers by 12 noon on Friday 18th October.

The formal Project Proposal must be submitted to Student Administration in the Computer Laboratory by 12 noon on Friday 25th October. You should ensure that on delivery you are checked off the relevant list.

Progress Report Submission

Progress Reports (two paper copies) are due in the Student Administrator’s office by 12 noon on Friday 31st January. Progress Report presentations and/or interviews with Overseers will take place over the following week or so.

Dissertation and Code Submission

The deadline for dissertation submission is 12 noon on Friday 8th May.

Electronic submissions should be made using Moodle, in PDF form and the filename(s) should be your crsid, ie: abc12.pdf.

You will also submit, electronically, your source code and other relevant materials as a single ZIP file (or tar.gz file). This need not constitute a runnable demo of any sort, but must include all files you have authored or otherwise created (or modified in a substantial way) that you are claiming examination credit for.

Your submitted ZIP or .tar.gz file is subject to a 15 megabyte limit. The same limit applies to your dissertation PDF file(s), so the total you may upload is limited to 30 megabytes. If your work was substantial edits to a publicly available package (e.g. Linux kernel) that is much bigger, providing a patch file (diff -U) is one acceptable way of representing the work in a compact way.

Students can delete and reupload their files any time until the disseration deadline, so you are strongly advised to do a test upload early on.

In good time, Student Administration will notify all students about the procedure for submission of the PDF versions of the dissertation and the code files.

In addition, a project report form signed by the student’s project Supervisor and Director of Studies should be completed by 4pm on Wednesday 13th May. Please see section 12.14 for more details.

Viva Voce Examinations

The times of any CST viva voce examinations will be announced by 4pm on Friday 5th June and these examinations will probably take place on Friday 12th June.

Students must arrange to be available in Cambridge for viva voce examinations.

Dissertation Retention and Dissemination

The University will only use your submitted work for examination and accreditation purposes. It will not be disseminated or otherwise used by the University without your futher permission. The only exception is that a copy of your dissertation may be made available to University members who wish to look at it in the future. Please sign the declaration if you agree with the above use of your dissertation.