Department of Computer Science and Technology

Overview of the Project

Project planning and work goes on over a long period, and at different stages different aspects of the process come to the fore. At the start there is a briefing session where this document is issued and discussed. At the briefing session you will be allocated two Overseers, who are responsible for checking that your project is acceptable to the Laboratory.

You have a great deal of freedom in the selection of a project, and should start narrowing down the possibilities by identifying starting points or ideas that appeal to you. These initial ideas should be refined to a coherent project plan, which is then submitted as the project proposal. The proposal will be discussed informally with your Overseers, but is then submitted to the Head of the Computer Laboratory as a formal statement of intent.

Once the proposal has been accepted, work on the project can proceed. At about the halfway point the Laboratory will require you to present a short progress report to your Overseers.

In due course you write and submit a dissertation which will be about 10,000 words long. University Ordinances allow the Examiners to call students for a viva voce examination on the dissertation.