Department of Computer Science and Technology

Plagiarism and Fraud

Project work is conducted in your own time and obviously not under constant control and supervision. It is expected that work will be done fairly, and that the dissertation will be a proper report on the work performed. If you get unusually large amounts of assistance during the year, or use code written by somebody else you must report it. Results shown in your dissertation must have been produced by your programs and not concocted. Obviously both general and particular claims (including ones made implicitly rather than explicitly) must be true. Note that none of these points prevent you from obtaining assistance with your project - they just require that you present a sufficiently detailed explanation of how your results were achieved to allow the Assessors to assess the strengths of your contribution.

The University view fraud in examinations as a most serious offence, and all staff members involved in the assessment of dissertations are expected to watch for and report any anomalies which could indicate its presence.

You should read the Department’s advice on the avoidance of plagiarism:

In particular make sure that you give proper acknowledgement to the ideas and work of others, as suggested there.

You should be aware that the electronic copy of your dissertation be submitted to plagiarism-detection software for checking.