Department of Computer Science and Technology

Warning: these pages are currently being updated for 2018/19

Part III of the Computer Science Tripos

Information for Directors of Studies and students

Module self-selection form (online)

At the end of July, Part II students continuing to Part III in October will be sent a personalised link to an in-house online selection form to help them select their modules, balance the modules between terms and to assist the Advanced Taught Courses Management Committee with the balancing of class sizes. This form is not part of CamSIS and students must still complete CamSIS exam entries in October. The relevant dates are as follows.

Initial module selections and approval
Dates for initial student self-selection (online form - not CamSIS)   10 July - 11 August  
Course adviser/DoS module provisional approval Week 1

Dates for enrolment

As in other Tripos parts, students must make final exam entries on CamSIS. See below for dates.

Requests for changes made between 2 and 18 October 2017 must be made using the Module Change form and be approved by the Graduate Education Committee; on 23 October, Part III students will be given a list of modules to use when completing their CamSIS exam entry forms. Students are advised not to make any CamSIS exam entries until this date; Directors of Studies are asked similarly not to approve exam entries without seeing this department list. This avoids having to unpick entries on CamSIS.

Final Michaelmas 2017 modules and tentative Lent/Easter 2018 modules
Final date for student self-selection of all module changes to Graduate Education 18 October 2017†
Graduate Education Committee approval*/module registration lists to Part III students 23 October 2017†
Final date for Part III students to enrol for modules on CamSIS 30 October 2017
Final date for DoS Part III approval on CamSIS TBC†
Final Lent and Easter 2018 modules
Final date for student adjustments to selections 8 December 2017†
ATCMC approval* January 2017†
Final date for DoS Part III approval on CamSIS 12 January 2018†

*Adjustments for over-subscription/course capacity or under-subscription/course cancellations
† Same date for M.Phil in Advanced Computer Science students

Study and assessment weeks

Most modules will include an end-of-module assessment. This might take the form of a sit-down test, a take-home test or a more substantial piece of coursework. By and large, end-of-module assessment occurs in the first two weeks of Lent and Easter Terms and commences on the first Tuesday of full term. All students are encouraged to use the weeks after the end of lectures to revise and to complete coursework.

Part III project

Part III students are expected to complete a project worth four modules. The formal requirements of this are given via a “Head of Department's Announcement”, but note that this project and its associated project report will focus more on ‘research’ or ‘research preparation’ rather than the Software Engineering aspects of a Part II project and write-up.

A Project Briefing meeting for Part III students will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday 9 October 2017 in FW26.

Relation to M.Phil in ACS

Directors of Studies are reminded that Part III shares many modules with the M.Phil in ACS but that M.Phil students, being graduates, have Course Advisers (appointed by Department) rather than Directors of Studies. Nonetheless it is helpful if Part III students and ACS students meet early in Michaelmas; however, please bear in mind that M.Phil students should attend all the following sessions and Part III students should attend all but the Health and Safety courses.

Week 1 Dates
Course registration and induction, welcome talk and tour from 10:00-12:30 (all students); meetings with Course Advisers from 14:00 onwards (M.Phil in ACS only)  Monday 2 October 2017
Compulsory Health and Safety courses: Mill Lane Lecture Rooms by session appointment only (M.Phil in ACS only)  Tuesday 3 October 2017
Lectures commence 09:00  Thursday 5 October 2017
Welcome event (All students) 17:30 The Street  Friday 6 October 2017
Part III Project Briefing 10:00 a.m. FW26  Monday 9 October 2017