Glossary of jargon and acronyms

Here are some acronyms:

ALU Arithemetic and logic unit.
ASIC Application specific integrated circuit.
BICMOS A process with both CMOS and bipolar transistors on one die.
CAD Computer aided design.
CAE Computer aided enigneering.
CAM Computer aided manufacture.
CLB Configurable logic block.
CRC Cyclic redundancy check (added to end of a data frame).
CMOS Complimentry metal oxide of silicon.
DRAM Dynamic random access memory.
DMA Direct memory access.
DSP Digital signal processor/ing.
ECL Emitter coupled logic.
EMC Electromagnetic compatibility.
EMI Electromagnetic ingress or i(m)missions (sic).
FET Field effect transistor.
FPGA Field programmable gate array.
GaAs Gallium Arsenide.
HDL Hardware description language.
IEEE Institure of electrical and electronic engineers.
JTAG Joint technical advisorary group
LSI Large scale integration (say about 5000 gates, 10000 transistors).
LCA Logic cell array.
MCM Multi-chip module.
MSI Medium scale integration (i.e. the larger ttl devices).
NRE Non recurring engineering costs. i.e paid once per design.
PAL Programmable array logic.
PCB Printed circuit board.
PIN Personal identification number.
RTL Register transfer level.
SSI Small scale integration (i.e. about 4 gates on a chip).
TTL Transistor-transistor logic.
Verilog An HDL language in wide use (not an acronym).
VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHSIC Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VNL Verilog netlist.
VCO Voltage controlled oscillator.
VLSI Very large scale integration (big chips).
XNF Xilinx netlist format.