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Advanced Graphics
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Advanced Graphics

Principal lecturer: Dr Neil Dodgson
Taken by: Part II

Past exam questions are in two places: Advanced Graphics (98, 99, 02, 03, 04) and Advanced Graphics & HCI (00, 01)
Solution notes to some exam questions
Lecture notes (1 MB PDF).
This version of the notes contains active hyperlinks instead of footnotes for all of the referenced web pages. Its page breaks are thus slightly different to the printed handout.
Handout for the final 10 minutes of lecture 3 (680kB PDF), handed out at the start of lecture 4.
Handout for lecture 6 (570kB PDF).


You should expect to have two supervisions. I provide two sets of exercises which your supervisor may well choose to use.
  • Exercise set 1 for the first supervision, covering material from the first five lectures.
  • Exercise set 2 for the second supervision, covering material from the last three lectures.

Useful web sites


Graphics hardware

Ray tracing

Beziers, B-splines and NURBS


  • The website which compliments the book "Subdivision Methods For Geometric Design: A Constructive Approach" by Joe Warren and Henrik Weimer. It has a short tutorial on subdivision and Java applets illustrating both curve and surface subdivision.

Implicits and CSG