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A0F 2177 I don't want to ‘politicize’ the homeless in a way that makes them look like the front-line infantry fighting a barbaric government, which is a line some people have taken, simply because when you're out there, it just isn't like that.

A0V 781 I have seen some fine players who compete at a high level bring in another line, between the service line and the baseline.

ABB 2039 The curds could be pulled away from the edge of the vat, in the same way as a cooked Victoria sandwich can be lightly pulled away from the edge of a cake tin, and the curd could be cut in a straight line with a finger.

ABK 1383 In Tunisia, in many ways the most developed and westernised of the North African countries, the government itself took a pro-Iraqi line.

ACR 2822 Quality of finish wasn't too good at many points on our test tractor, either, but we have to assume it was largely because our machine was one of the first off the production line.

ADP 356 To help create a long line and obviate intrusive snatched breaths, Karajan hired an additional flautist to cover at least one of the notorious joins in the line.

AK6 1576 The moisture seeping out had streaked the hillside with a vivid green line; just feet from me, a correspondingly green snake slithered silently across the wet patch.

ANU 1775 For to the very last absurd minute, the combatants went on shooting at each other, as if they could not resist one last battle, as if the front line and the war had become inseparable from their own lives.

B2J 1009 It should be pointed out, however, that — in contrast to the oil ‘death line’(at 1.35% Rm)— the ‘death line’ for dry gas does not indicate the end of gas generation, or the beginning of gas destruction.

B34 1579 As soon as she gave up dancing in the line to supervise the school, her nubile appearance became plump as she enjoyed dining well, a pleasure shared with John where the plumpness developed into fatness.

BNY 399 The line should be some 10 or 12 yards (9 or 10 metres) long and it should be marked off from the collar in distances of 1, 2 and 5 yards (0.9, 1.8 and 4.5 metres).

CBK 47 — 1 mile 6 furlongs 3.0 chains double line.

CCR 322 The latter were concentrated quite markedly in Stratford and Forest Gate within easy reach of the main railway line into the city.

CDD 353 If it is warranted it might be necessary to put some limit on the amount which can be shifted during excavation procedures’, with Dr Nowlan saying the line between prospecting and mining had to be drawn somewhere.

CFF 1029 He was, indeed, following in the line of Hooker and Andrewes, but Andrewes, though himself favouring ritual, had not enforced it on others.

CJ8 220 Following the construction of the line the two steam locomotives were named ‘The Earl’ and ‘The Countess’in honour of the Powis family.

CJ8 292 First down the Welsh Highland Railway Rly to Dinas Junction then by wagon along the Standard gauge line to Bangor.

CLX 564 The following morning, French forces arrived to succour the battered British line.

CPB 314 Tandy Corp's GRiD Systems Corp, soon to depart with the divestment of the TE Electronics Inc unit, has unveiled new light-weight, modular 80486SL-based notebook computers, the GRiD 4025 line at from $2,100; it simultaneously began GRiD Direct direct selling of its machines via a toll-free 800 number in the US and also cut prices on its GRiD Convertible pen-enabled notebook and said Slate Corp's GRiD Convertible Pen Essentials applications will be bundled with the Convertible notebook for $2,500; the lower price is good only until May 31.

CPL 236 Pyramid Technology Corp notes that it is scheduled to begin shipments within the next six month of its next-generation high-end symmetric multiprocessing product line, based on the R4400 RISC multiprocessor.

CRS 1419 It all seemed easy — they sign on the dotted line and Balbinder would be virtually taken out of their hands.

CSM 18 Not, says UI, to kowtow to any kind of preconditions SunSoft wants UI to meet for the firm to close on the desktop issue, but simply that USL doesn't have resources to do all the development work coming down the line.

EA6 427 Although the government was cautious about enrolling men from newly incorporated minorities, the size of the army rose in line with the population — which increased from some 15 million under Peter to double that figure under Catherine II and reached about 67 million by the 1850s.

EBN 65 The quaint 17th century patrician and merchant houses line the canals with their elegant facades and variety of gables which remain a striking characteristic of Amsterdam.

EDD 696 When people speak of ‘science’, they usually mean the sciences of nature, especially physics, chemistry, and biology, in line of descent from the scientific revolution of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

EVH 368 That was plainly my bent and that I would do well to follow up this line of art rather than branch out into some other road of work.

FD3 713 281 line of authorities and, also, with Barclays Bank Plc.

FEV 1866 However, when they are in line with the Earth, at full and new moons, their forces combine to create the strong spring tides.

FNR 1978 The chip is instructed to’ read’, so it copies the value in its addressed cell to its output line.

FNU 440 The following day the dress rehearsal went so smoothly that after giving out his notes — the pause at the end of the third act, before Olwyn opened the cigarette box for the second time, was a whisker too long, and her response to Robert's line to the effect that she'd fabricated the person she loved a touch too quick —; Meredith declared enough was enough.

FU1 129 Being labelled a "slag" or a "sleep-around" is something that destroys a girl's reputation, and she often treads a fine line between being labelled as someone who does it or someone who doesn't — "if you do it you're a slag, if you don't you're a tight bitch."

G3H 1028 If British Rail is under pressure to increase the frequency of its service, there is a case for a coordinated transport system operating bus and rail services, If there is a need for transport when it is not convenient to run rail services, or if only a certain number of trains can run on a line because goods trains and passenger services cannot operate at the same time — although perhaps British Rail should be more innovative in its mix of passenger and freight services perhaps it is a good idea for British Rail and the bus services — as they are today, not as they will be affected by the Bill — to get together.

GW9 1853 The government's obvious intention was to identify me as the main source of all the criticism and speculation running counter to the official line on Flight 103 and then to destroy me.

H94 3537 Her startled blue eyes slanted to Lucenzo's haughty profile, the golden brow, the flaring, angry nostrils, the arrogance in every line of his elegant figure.

HF3 237 Then over the line again there was another shop where Mr A P Jones Do you know, the retired schoolmaster that used to be in Valley, he lives now.

HGX 712 Against a dark background pieces of white card were moved in a plane perpendicular to the line of view until ‘seen’.

HHB 2124 If I remember correctly, neither of us were to cross her line of vision again,ever .’

HHN 210 Our first ever speaker, Mr Jack Bedell, returned to give some more of his reminiscences of the role played by the line in the 1920's and 1930's, particularly by the farming community.

HKU 3321 In line with the terms of the agreement the government announced a supplementary budget on April 2, which provided for further tax cuts and increases in the subsidies on agricultural produce and house building.

HM4 300 Seventeen minutes past six is the time, and we still have some trouble on the travel front because we've got delays on the Northern Line of the underground.

HR3 459 The GIMMS commands and line segment data described above are stored in a file called PMMLIB.GIMMSAF on the Nottingham University ICL 3900 computer system, as described in the preceding paragraph.

HR3 1699 For example, the number of points needed to define a straight line is two.

HWC 600 I lay on my back, my head on the sandy ground, staring out to the side where the body of the buck lay at the end of a little curved line of black, and tangled in the arm-rest and grip of the catapult.

HWF 11077 This column shows whether this module is available immediately on line (ON LINE) or only exists in off line storage (OFFLINE).

HWH 1407 The above examples of intergovernmental grants are by no means exhaustive, but enough has been said to indicate that, when the form of grant aid is specified, the nature of the amendment of the budget line for local authorities is specified.

JAD 651 The er the only figure that I I can find for commuting erm supplied by the County Council is in er table five of N Y six I think it is, N Y six, where the County Council give er at the bottom of that erm on the bottom line of that table, a figure for Richmondshire of er three point five percent.

JN6 1057 The next one is er got a meeting on it er I think the airlines are going on a very much a co- ordinated thing er I think most people are probably in agreement with this size eight exemption, make a group specific because really the idea when they put this original proposal in about the size of aircraft was to protect things like the and troops that are shall we say and I think most people would go for that line of thinking because as put in there, why the hell should something again on Cambridge when we can't on Stansted but it was really designed to protect certain things.

K4Y 1296 If Mozart is the essence of flowing line and elegantly shaped melodic phrases, Malcolm Arnold achieves his effects in his Second String Quartet by contrast and variety of colour and intensity, together with flashes of acerbic humour.

K5P 684 (b)Sequence of the KOX31 cDNA (top line) and part of the related sequence at ZNF33B in 10q11.2 (bottom line).

KRL 1761 But you talk about drawing that line between sharing things with them and protecting them.

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A11 1418 1983 witnessed the opening on 16 May of the first stretch of new main line built for over half a century — the 23.5km Selby Diversion line, replacing the former main line via Selby which closed completely between York Chaloner's Whin Junction and Selby North Junction.

A15 552 Now that we knew the line, we progressed quickly into the wild world of the seemingly blank walls and hanging stances that made up the meat of the route.

A5W 163 He then gave me the line, in Italian, from memory: ‘Dimmi se mai fu fatto qualque cosa?’—‘Tell me if anything was ever done?’

AJY 1982 Olau Line (UK), Sheerness, Kent ME12 ISN.

ANP 399 Ashford-in-the-Water sits precisely on the line which divides the limestone plateau of the so-called White Peak from the upland moors and valleys to the North.

AR8 1713 Mike Sadler was flown straight back to the Eighth Army and assigned the task of navigating the New Zealand Division around the south of the Mareth line, while Cooper was able to enjoy the pleasures of Constantine with an old friend, Reg Seekings, who had made his way through after the B Squadron attacks on the road.

B0P 1475 It was designed for lines of 4lb to 8lb b.s., but feels best when married to a line of 6lbs b.s.

B26 190 This leaves one clear line space

B26 2263 A page break, represented by a dotted line, is set above the line the cursor is in

B72 2125 A kite on a line generates lift from the wind streaming past it; but if released it soon reaches the same speed as the surrounding air and loses it all.

BNY 980 The line ferret is in close contact with the quarry, as the line confirms.

BP9 1652 The Lorrimores, all four of them, arrived together to murmurs of sympathy, but the two young ones split off immediately from their parents and from each other, all of them gravitating to their various havens: the parents went to join Filmer and Daffodil of their own free will, Xanthe made a straight piteous line to Mrs Young, and Sheridan grabbed hold of Nell, who was by this time standing, saying that he needed her to sit with him, she was the only decent human being on the whole damn train.

CA1 1799 Our advice for the first launch is — hands together, arms outstretched (but never above your head as is so often attempted by first time flyers ) and as the kite rises, sustain an even line tension.

CA8 1094 He provides further insight into Operation ‘Dunlop’: ‘In April Ted Lawrence and myself were flown to Hendon (from Elgin, Scotland, where 232 Squadron was based) and, under strict security arrangements, did 130 hours practising take offs before reaching a white line across the strip, seemingly only a few yards ahead of us.

CCP 1255 On Lock Maree Crag he climbed the heavenly line of Arial, E3 5c with George Ridge, which blasts straight up the central crackline in the massive 50-metre pitch.

CEN 5665 ‘There is a strong argument for moving the watershed to 10pm to bring us more in line with Europe,’ said Lord Rees-Mogg, chairman of the Broadcasting Standards Council.


CG2 1317 Finally on Creag Dubh, Newtonmore, ‘The Stork’ climbed a line right of Heather Wall, curiously named This One.

CG6 1019 In line with the continuing strength of the psychometric tradition within clinical and educational psychology in Britain, and more especially in the United States, the largest category of language assessment instruments is formal tests.


CLX 1382 The German front line was a network of trenches, concrete dug-outs and pill-boxes.

EDE 291 Hollywood's worst in the movie line has recruited hundreds of them for the gangs of race-course roughs, motor bandits, and smash-and-grab thieves.’

EWC 1778 He had simply run in a direct line from their holes to his own, passing on his way through the narrow strip of woodland that lay between.

FAY 853 So far its class-based line has been almost exclusively animated by a critique of race awareness training — a practical strategy which has been thrown up in the grating between the first two tendencies.

FE5 303 This echoed his diary entry in reporting the problems with Tito's Yugoslavs ( "General Keightley described the military situation there as" fairly lively "" ) and the establishing of a demarcation line with Tolbukhin.

FEM 905 The sun was settling into the tree-tops up the line when it finally curved into view.

FEM 1281 On the walls of the guard's tomb was the graffiti symbol of a boat, a stark line drawing of a felucca.

FSF 898 There was a fine line to walk between protecting him and urging him to self-reliance.

G0G 1035 This episode reveals a deep and continuing rift between the descendants of Oswiu and the kings of Leodwald's line.

G15 2545 Dexter came off the phone and scribbled a line or two of notes when Blanche loped into the office.

G30 1491 Drawing a line from the Bishops Cannings church co-ordinates to each of the salient points of the line and comparing the angles of each of them will tell us if they were linked by a straight line of not.

G4H 1488 for people to phone the home line.

GVL 1522 More and more instruments took up the melody, drowning out the frail lyric line.

H7F 512 The flat string of squares flickered slightly just sufficiently to show it was a projection, nothing real; but although it was apparent the line of squares itself was merely an image, on its surface sat seemingly real and solid wooden chess pieces made from black and white wood, and set on that strange line like tiny isolated guard towers on a chequered frontier wall.

H86 952 There, an impregnable first line of defence against any invader with visual taste, stood hundreds of miles of small houses that could have been assembled by retarded monkeys dipping randomly into a box of building styles.

HGU 2891 At the front of the line a man in short hair and a blue suit directs them to different booths as they become available.

HHD 65 We are also interested in the Central Wales Line, the Shrewsbury and Hereford Line and the Cambrian, particularly where they run through this area.

HHJ 64 In a perceptive question, one of our committee members, Russell Mulford, asked whether the scheme was a bad thing for Shropshire — because it might attract the funding that could otherwise be used to electrify the Wolverhampton — Shrewsbury line — or a good thing — because of the boost it will give to rail travel generally.

HHM 54 In his presentation Vic covered a good proportion of the East Anglian network, lines such as King's Lynn — Liverpool Street, Norwich — Liverpool Street, going through Thetford and Ely with its cathedral (known as ‘The Ship of the Fens’), King's Cross — Cambridge via Royston, Norwich — Ipswich, and one or two freight branches such as the one to the cement works at Barrington, with its Rolls-Royce diesel shunters, and a line to a sugarbeet factory, now closed.

HHW 14598 The House will recall that during the passage of the Channel Tunnel Act 1987, British Rail stated that there was no need for a high-speed line.

HJ3 5421 Basinger testified in the civil suit that no contract existed with Main Line Pictures Inc. and that she chose not to appear in the film, Boxing Helena, because she would have had to perform in graphic sex scenes.

HPG 1075 From the second line onwards until the end of this stanza the poem has a nostalgic tone.

HR0 1103 McKendrick has suggested that such earnings were able to add a significant number of extra families to the "middling ranks" earning above the £50 a year bottom line suggested by Dr Eversley.

HU4 4276 For example, in hepatocytes, the intestinal cell line IEC-6, partietal cells, and pancreatic acinar cells, the major mechanism of pH i recovery from an acid load is not affected by amiloride but is inhibited by DIDS; furthermore, it is dependent on the presence of Na + and HCO 3 -but not Cl -.

HWC 1273 I boosted, increasing speed as the jagged line of dead seaweed and old wood and cans and bottles skittered by me; I felt like a bead on a thread being pulled through the air on a line, sucked along by throat and lungs and legs, a continual pounce of flowing energy.

J1K 646 Roxy Walsh, however, treats colour before line and line before form.

J91 1646 How far from the start line have they got?

JXG 1647 However, line numbers after the calculated line number will not be changed.

K4W 2594 The new SuperSprinter trains will replace many of the existing Pacers between Saltburn, Redcar, Middlesbrough and Darlington, with the number of trains running on the Darlington to Saltburn line also being increased.

KC3 532 Yeah I, I think you'll find that erm when the colour er when B B C Two came along and all the aerials went to U H F, we went from a four O five line

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A0F 1443 I made my way down into the tube station and on towards the Circle Line.

A0F 2177 I don't want to ‘politicize’ the homeless in a way that makes them look like the front-line infantry fighting a barbaric government, which is a line some people have taken, simply because when you're out there, it just isn't like that.

A12 112 They travel forwards instead of en place in échappé relevés after breaking the rule that the arms never cross the centre line of the body and are always (except in arabesque ) rounded.

A62 309 On inflation, the Conservative Party seemed to fall into line with television, the other parties, and the public.

AD2 454 Under his direction, the Ulster Constitution Defence Committee maintained its traditional line that O'Neill was not responding to the legitimate demands of a disadvantaged section of the population, but giving in to the demands of rebels who would never be satisfied with anything less than the destruction of Northern Ireland.

ADL 829 He wrote not one memo about it but, by his estimate, as many as five, and sent them up the line.

AE0 233 Though disagreeing with the line he had taken, I patted him on the back when he sat down.

B1N 1709 The horizon line to the north would never lighten.

B7J 1479 The first hint of such an ability in bees came years ago when von Frisch discovered that bees that had flown an indirect route to a food source were nevertheless able to indicate by their famous communication dances the straight line direction to the food.

BMF 913 I stormed across the wet barren sands towards the thin line of sea on the distant horizon.

C8P 1553 movement until the end of the line when they raise

CBC 4523 Penny is on line for your Taurus year ahead on 0839 444 562.

CBJ 321 So although his neighbours opposite occupied houses with gardens, his side of the street had to work for a living: he would have been used to seeing the flame fanned by the bellows of the blacksmith, the steam rising from the sweating horses in the carrier, s stables, and — we may hope — a line of customers waiting to be served in his little shop.

CJ5 151 Kinneil platform was the terminus of the line for three seasons (1986–88).

CK4 3012 And Moonshake lay theirs on the line.

CKC 244 Or maybe another quarter or half mile further on along the line he was taking.

CN9 1150 This line of argument is tied in with analysis which stresses the need to regulate the money supply in order to maintain stable prices, as the only sustainable form of growth policy.

CNC 5 Although Siemens is a licensee of the MIS Technologies Inc R-series RISC family, with the right to fabricate it, Siemens Nixdorf has been diminishing its importance in its product line, making major Japanese MIPS licensee NEC Corp, which is increasingly loosely allied with Compagnie des Machines Bull SA, a long shot.

CNT 303 ICL Plc is to market worldwide the 400 and 600 LPM line printers from Output Technology Corp Europe BV, the Hoofddorp, Netherlands-based subsidiary of Output Technology Corp, under a three year, $7m contract: they will replace ICL's traditional line printers for Unix systems and be targeted at local government and large corporate customers; ICL will directly market the printers under its own LP400 and LP600 label though its resellers will likely handle some sales.

CRW 1101 firstly, the interpretation of normalisation which seems to us to be in line with the sense of direction of the self-advocacy movement recognising that people with learning difficulties need to be seen as autonomous individuals with their own rights of self-determination;

CSG 262 Cray Research Inc lifted the veil a little last week on its plans to build a line of massively parallel processing systems around Digital Equipment Corp's Alpha RISC for launch next year.

CTL 295 Sequent won't currently go into details over products, but says it will be ‘leveraging its technology and knowhow’ gained from its line of high-end Intel-based multi-processor Symmetry systems, aimed at corporate users looking to downsize their mainframes.

E9W 1129 Advocating the use of pen sketching as a means of quick and decisive location drawing, the author's line illustrations are a delight.

EFJ 1321 But when they reached the railway line and Mister Johnny set the goose down and said, ‘Gurlyi, gurlyi,’ she knew what he was trying to say.

FSS 1204 The law has therefore adopted the natural dividing line between what is lawful and what is unlawful as against B, the person threatened.

G3K 1268 Mentally divide the RC dial into two halves with a line from 0° to 180°. 6.

G4K 1527 So it gets to the end of the line and it will come back and adjust itself and go under the the

GSX 1740 After its passage in 1833 he was appointed resident engineer for the northern section of the line.

H0C 898 Our information sources were being developed and made more rapidly available by access to a central computer in line with police methods.

H0Y 561 This machine may be as simple as a cardboard box with a slot into which a programme can be introduced, and with a knob which the student turns as he completes one line or frame.

H9M 527 If this expectation is correct and the average price level is P then, of course, the aggregate level of output will equal its natural level — that is why this line cuts the vertical line from y n at P.

HCW 32 Reference to a mediator had resulted in the position where not only was the Bank's line confirmed, but we were asked to sit down and negotiate, in effect, more competitive scales.

HH1 4508 His voice was as hard and controlled as her own, but the white line about his mouth betrayed the fury still lashing him.

HHJ 33 Let us know your opinion, especially if you live near the Central Wales Line and are affected by this change.

HJ3 2035 Antrim's former Bank of Ireland All Star had hoped to line out this afternoon against Tipperary in Thurles, but earlier this week he suffered a recurrence of a serious back injury.

HJ4 8360 He added: ‘The bottom line is that efforts are continuing.

HJG 1458 I am reliably informed that the mighty Australian earns 10 million dollars a year and that while he chooses to live in America, he buys his snooker cue and table in England because the English, apparently, still produce the best in that line.

HL4 3393 It was reported in July that China would provide financial and technical help to relay the main railway line between Francistown and Serula in eastern Botswana.

HR9 1643 He is right on the line to Jesus.

HRH 765 A dot is placed in the appropriate column opposite each criterion and the dots are joined up by a line.

HWF 6968 If it is pressed while on the last input field of a line, then the cursor will be moved to the first input field of the next line.

HWM 695 From the other end of the line there was no manic laughter; no silly protestation; no threat of lawyers to be consulted.

J1E 112 By the way, It looks like they've improved the ticket line a bit, there is now a queueing system which you get held on, so you now get through after about an hour rather than 3, and then hold on in the queue for the other two hours:-)

JN6 1057 The next one is er got a meeting on it er I think the airlines are going on a very much a co- ordinated thing er I think most people are probably in agreement with this size eight exemption, make a group specific because really the idea when they put this original proposal in about the size of aircraft was to protect things like the and troops that are shall we say and I think most people would go for that line of thinking because as put in there, why the hell should something again on Cambridge when we can't on Stansted but it was really designed to protect certain things.

JSA 534 So that's what er worked on connection between the cluster of movements and sort of advanced body language if you like and the personality so someone who is perceived as using ja symmetrical palm gestures and open centre line and some movement in the feet is seen more as a as a positive communicator, a more open communicator, and it enhances the quality of the presentation.

JXG 226 For example, the following program will give the error message "Not LOCAL at line 400" .

K5J 480 The upshot is that area remains undeniably fragile as two clearances off the line, a fortuitous break off the bar and an own goal in this game would suggest that the manner in which Falkirk salvaged the point at Pittodrie suggests they are confident of scoring at least as many goals as the opposition during a match.

K5J 1783 Flanagan's run on the left caught out Wright and his cross evaded the Aberdeen defence before finding Henry who nodded the ball over the line from inside the six-yard box.

K8T 962 Two days later Charlie woke up in a hospital tent, some three hundred yards behind the line, to find a young girl in a dark blue uniform with a royal crest above her heart hovering over him.

KBK 5233 Eh, you can start a game anywhere on this foot foot-line which is called the line,.