Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2011–12

Programming in Java

Course Lecturers

Alastair BeresfordAndrew Rice

Game of Life animations (Tick3*)

The submissions for Tick3* can be viewed here

Audio representations of the Game of Life (Tick 5*)

Practical sessions

Students are expected to attend one practical session per week. The dates and times of the practical sessions associated with this course are as follows:

Thursday 19th January2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Thursday 26th January2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Thursday 2nd February2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Thursday 9th February2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Thursday 16th February2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Thursday 23rd February2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Thursday 1st March2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D
Thursday 8th March2pm — 4pmA & B
4pm — 6pmC & D


You may find the restart guide (PDF) helpful if you need to reboot your PWF workstation from Windows into Linux.

Workbook Errata

The printed workbooks contain (at the very least!) the following errors. Errors are indexed by workbook (W), page (P) and line (L), which may be negative, indicating that the reader should count upwards from the bottom of the page. These errors have been corrected in the on-line versions of the workbooks shown above. If you find any further errors, please email ticks1a-admin[at]

3*1-22your-crsid.tick3star AnimatedLifeyour-crsid.tick3star.AnimatedLifedhm30
5813if (worldType.equals("--long")if (worldType.equals("--long"))mv340

Bit visualisation programs

You can download three bit visualisation programs from this website:

  • b2d.jar (exploring binary to decimal conversion)
  • d2b.jar (exploring decimal to binary conversion)
  • bitwise.jar (exploring bitwise operators)

To use the programs, download them to your home directory, start a new shell, and run the jar file as described in the workbook. For example, to run bitwise.jar you would type the following:

java -jar bitwise.jar

Each program will print out a helpful usage message which you can use to work out what additional options to give the program. Ask a demonstrator for help if you get stuck.

Seating assignments

Students have been assigned the following seats for the practical classes. Please email the Principal Lecturers without delay if your name is not on this list and you are a Part IA CST student or otherwise due to offer Paper 1 of Part IA CST.

Ainsworth, Samsa614CPCCL001
Allbless, Oliveroda22APCCL001
Askew, Dandta29APCCL002
Badev, Raychorb634CPCCL002
Bateson, Joejdb75CPCCL003
Bean, Cameroncsb60APCCL003
Birch, Oliveroeb21APCCL004
Blake, Diggorydjjb2APCCL005
Boby, Thomastb456APCCL006
Broder-Rodgers, Daviddb560APCCL007
Brouwer, Thomastab43APCCL008
Burgess, Conorcb709APCCL010
Chadwick, Alexawc32CPCCL004
Kay-Coles, Edejkc2CPCCL005
Collins, Thomastc399APCCL011
Cook, Stephensrc62CPCCL006
Cox, Chriscic26APCCL012
Cox, Moiramlc62APCCL013
Daggitt, Matthewmld46CPCCL007
Dao, Nhantnd23APCCL014
Deasy, Ciarancfd27APCCL015
Denes, Gyorgygd355APCCL016
Dior, Laralfd27APCCL017
Doble, Rowanrtbd2BPCCL035
Dorrity, Ruairird435BPCCL036
Dziedzelis, Karoliskd333CPCCL008
Edgecombe, Grahamgpe21BPCCL037
Eksinchol, Isarapongie229BPCCL038
Elliott, Benbge23CPCCL010
Ermatov, Arthurae324BPCCL039
Evans, Chrisce301BPCCL041
Freeman, Oliverof209BPCCL042
Funk, Sebastiansfff2CPCCL011
Gates, Nicknjg40BPCCL043
Gopinath, Supriyasg628BPCCL044
Goudarzi, Mohammad Mehdimmg36BPCCL045
Green, Alexapg42BPCCL046
Hambling, Helenhvh23BPCCL047
Harradine, Konradkh508CPCCL012
Hettich, Manuelmh669BPCCL048
Hodge, Claireclh88BPCCL049
Hollingshead, Simonsh690BPCCL051
Huang, Vitvh276BPCCL052
Huxtable, Matthewmjh233CPCCL013
Ingram, Martinmdi24CPCCL014
Ireland, Matthewmti20CPCCL015
Kirkbride, Aaronak759APCCL018
Kispeter, Thomastk407CPCCL016
Kitching, Chriscdk23CPCCL017
Kohler, Tamaratk408DPCCL035
Kongsuwan, Nuttawutnk392DPCCL036
Lee, Chunchjl2DPCCL037
Lee, Yunjaeyl457DPCCL038
Leith, Ianial24DPCCL039
Li, Hua Yonghyl37DPCCL041
Liang, Guoqianggl335APCCL019
Lin, Danieldl446DPCCL042
Luo, Jingyijl683DPCCL043
Malz, Danieldhm30DPCCL044
Manyakin, Ilyaim354APCCL021
Markovic, Ognjenom262DPCCL045
Marshall, Alexajm295APCCL022
McAulay, Jamesjddm2DPCCL046
McCarthy, Tomtmjm3CPCCL018
McCusker, Williamwsm22APCCL023
McDermott, Samuelsjm263DPCCL047
McNicol, Chriscm672DPCCL048
Mikhno, Victorvm305CPCCL019
Miller, Tobytm452APCCL024
Millican, Jonathanjrm209CPCCL021
Mizera, Sebastiansam228DPCCL049
Muirhead, Jamiejrm208DPCCL051
Muszynska, Ewaemm68DPCCL052
Myatt, Chriscgm30APCCL025
Naydenov, Momchilmn388APCCL026
Nelson, Alistairan391APCCL027
Nipps, Samsn419APCCL028
Orton, Ianrio22APCCL029
Osis, Francesfo240CPCCL022
Pattinson, Liamltp26APCCL031
Peake, Doriandp448APCCL032
Penington, Geoffreygp354APCCL033
Phatpanichot, Topkp386APCCL034
Polasek, Janjp581CPCCL023
Popov, Dimitardpp23CPCCL024
Powell, Tomtp344CPCCL025
Pushkina, Olgaop247BPCCL053
Rees, Nicholasnr352APCCL035
Revere, Danieldr391BPCCL054
Ronecker, Philippprr26CPCCL026
Ryda, Jordanjr549BPCCL055
Saperstein, Craigcs676CPCCL027
Satra, Neilns532CPCCL028
Scibior, Adamams240CPCCL029
Sharkey, Jamesjps79BPCCL056
Sheriff, Andrewas2197BPCCL057
Shore, Addisonas2209BPCCL058
Shukla, Aneeshas2208BPCCL059
Sklyarov, Aleksandaras2202BPCCL061
Skramic, Marijams2031BPCCL062
Sood, Amaras2193BPCCL063
Srivastava, Anandas2211BPCCL064
Stansby, Davidds598BPCCL065
Stedman, Joshjjhs2CPCCL031
Stewart, Brentbs461CPCCL032
Stojanovic, Stefanss2058CPCCL033
Stoyanov, Stoyansis26CPCCL034
Strodahs, Ansisas2192DPCCL053
Tataranu, Vladvbt22DPCCL054
Tataroiu, Bogdanbct25BPCCL066
Taylor, Jamiejmt71BPCCL067
Taylor, Tomtt333DPCCL055
Tchernev, Ivanist26DPCCL056
Truscott, Matthewmt541DPCCL057
Turcu, Traiantct24DPCCL058
Vadera, Munrajmbv21BPCCL068
Varga, Carolinecfv22DPCCL059
Vecerik, matejmv340DPCCL061
Wainwright, Barnabybgw25DPCCL062
Wannerberg, Erikeojw2DPCCL063
Warder, Simonsw599DPCCL064
Wheelhouse, Chriscrw47DPCCL065
Williams, Oliow234DPCCL066
Wilson, Hughhw383DPCCL067
Wyatt, Bradbjycw2DPCCL068