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Further Java


As described in the Head of Department's Notice, this course has internal deadlines which must be adhered to. These are printed on the first page of the course handout and repeated here.

The automated unit testing system will not accept new requests after Midday on Monday 23rd January 2012. All work submitted before the deadline which subsequently passes the unit tests will be assessed. Work which fails the unit tests or is submitted late will not be assessed. Illness on Monday 23rd January will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to submit a correct solution by the deadline, so please ensure you have completed all the necessary work well beforehand.

There will be a final marking session with Assessors on the afternoon of Monday 23rd January. A sign-up sheet will be posted outside Student Administration at the start of Lent Term so you can book a slot with an Assessor. If you are unwell on Monday 23rd January and are unable to attend the final marking session, we will arrange to mark your work later once you are better; please email to arrange this. Remember: illness on Monday 23rd January will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to submit a correct solution by the deadline. Therefore we will only mark your work after the deadline if it was submitted on time and passed all the tests.

Workbook and test suite

Workbook 0: once you have tested your program using the data in the file please submit your solution as described in the workbook. The time taken to execute your solution will appear in the leaderboard shown below.

Tick sheet


For this exercise the top ten implementations which have been tested by the deadline are awarded a star. We've seen timing variations between repeated tests of the same submission, so stars are also given to solutions which are within 3 seconds of the 10th ranked implementation.

The competition has now closed. Subject to a code inspection by a Ticker, the following students have been awarded stars: wyc29 (12.783 seconds), ns507 (15.281), nn256 (15.602), al552 (15.961), jk509 (18.882), jwm40 (20.333), nrc39 (21.429), ms955 (21.916), tcs40 (25.767), ss958 (27.488), ab914 (28.231), sp598 (28.755), tec38 (29.049), mb809 (29.608), hc365 (30.068), dje38 (30.350).

The current leaderboard, which includes submissions after the deadline, is as follows: