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A7P 528 Celsius is a complete range of complementary products so you can build on your scent by degrees, from a stimulating shower gel to a refreshing splash of Celsius Aftershave.

AAH 100 In quite outrageously comic and very skilful sequences of movement, mime and clowning, they attempt courtship, and in a shower of champagne that misses more often than it hits the glass, approach the great unknown of the wedding night.

ADK 566 PET ‘HOTEL HATES’(THE FREQUENT ONES) * narrow stairs and no lifts * low shower pressure * telephone kiosks built for left-handed midgets * only one plug, down on the floor under the bed and 5AMP * hairdryers on 1m fixed lead from the floor socket 3m away from wall mirror facing opposite direction * just two 40 watt lamps to read and work by * toilet rolls positioned for contortionists only * room service that brings each course separately throughout Dallas * radiators that haven't been on for years * radiators that won't go off * basins that take half an hour to empty after you've cleaned your teeth and you want to shave * stoppers that hang under the cold water tap but don't reach the drain * stoppers that have no chain so you wallow in the dirty water to find them * toilets where you can sit down or close the door but not both

AM0 241 All the rooms sleep two and are very comfortably furnished with TV, air-conditioning and private bath, shower and WC.

AMD 402 Bedrooms are beautifully furnished featuring a bath, shower and loo, minibar, fridge, telephone, TV and radio.

AMD 463 All the bedrooms are most attractive and have a private bathroom with a shower or bath and hairdryer.

AMD 1219 All Enterprise rooms are in the Victoria part of the complex, and all have shower, loo and balcony.

AMW 595 Prices are per person in a room with 2 or 3 beds, bath or shower and terrace.

ARJ 2766 The traditional Elancyl treatment involves the green massage glove containing Elancyl soap with ivy, which you can really enjoy using briskly in the bath or shower.

AT3 2113 To throw in the towel would mean the end of misery, a shower, clean sheets, good food and reunion with my family after the months I had spent in training camp.

B0P 167 You can get wetter than if you had been in a winter shower.

B11 1280 After a hot shower, for the Siberian night air was chilly even in summer, we joined groups of pilot officers in the lounge.

BMF 854 An especially strong shower forced us into motion; we fled, finding shelter under the gable of an apparently derelict croft.

BPA 2347 Then he realised the shower was on.

CCY 600 Opposite left: Give your bathroom the nautical look with Croydex's smart, striped Regency shower curtain and distinctive solid brass bathroom accessories, in chrome-plated finish, from the classic Winchester Collection

CCY 651 If you want bathtime to be the height of luxury, you will be inspired by the very latest in shower accessories: the Cozydry.

CDJ 131 Also give yourself a good rub down in the shower or bath with their Body Sea Scrub Bar, £3.95.

CDN 494 He got up, took a shower, combed his hair with care and put on a new black T-shirt.

CFT 3996 On deck, teak laid decks and cockpits, Lewmar winches and stainless steel hardware, a wardrobe of sails by North, roller headsail reefing and a transom bathing platform with ladder and shower.

EA4 965 ‘Like making sure there were separate shower facilities and a chaperon if only one girl was attending at any one time.’

ED1 674 Rooms all have a WC with bath or shower, telephone, radio, safe and most have a balcony.

EDG 1260 Despite most of you already having a shower, 80 per cent are planning to install a new shower in the near future.

FB2 760 These include quite basic facilities such as bath or shower, sink, WC, and hot and cold water supply.

FBN 449 Pouring water through a shower head or (clean) watering can rose also helps to dissipate the chlorine.

FR9 1442 Not to be outdone, Dave Doyle claimed to have at least 108, but they washed off in the shower.

G2F 1434 Aquamassage brush, £15, BaByliss, can be used in bath or shower for an invigorating massage treatment

G2F 1831 But you may want to add a second (perhaps en suite) bathroom or to re-arrange the existing layout to squeeze in extra equipment, such as a bidet or separate shower.

G37 1037 En suite with the after cabin is a simply furnished head and shower compartment.

GUL 179 Ten minutes later they stopped the shower.

GUL 350 She thought of Mr Bailey's cold smile and Susan's screams in the shower.

H9D 3198 The vigorous shower did not have any of the beneficial effects such things were generally said to have by public-school games-masters of a previous age.

HA3 3418 When he lifted his arm there was the greasy feel and faint shower of sparks that betokened a localised magical field.

HA3 3434 When it reached the door the metal exploded into a shower of hot droplets.

HGL 2215 I shower quickly, spend some time painting my eyes, and select an attractive outfit to the best of my ability, given my makeshift twist of clothing.

HGV 82 ‘Cleaned out again, confound it!’ he said aloud, kicking moodily at one of the logs, and sending a shower of sparks up the chimney.

HJC 1605 ‘Shower,’ said the screw.

HP4 636 The 148 rooms are air-conditioned with a shower, music, telephone and minibar.

HRT 1966 At 6.30 pm I leave for home and a quick shower before going to the darts match and a few beers.

JXW 2323 ‘How about a quick cup of tea while I shower?’ said Lindsey.

JY3 316 It might not be bedtime by St Lucian standards, but second on her list of essentials, after the long cold drink, was a cool shower, and a long, long lie down.

JY7 3371 What I want most just now is a long shower and —’

JY8 3649 Having made up her mind, she rose and went to shower and change.

JYB 1722 ‘Shower, I think,’ she muttered, and went out into the corridor.

KC5 1268 yeah,and I would make him there and then no matter what time of night or morning it was, strip off and go in the shower and , yeah, even in his hair, that's, that's how bad it was, I'd put his clothes downstairs in the washing basket not even in the bedroom one .

KCN 2367 And ask her about the water heater cos if I can't take a shower I will stink!

KD0 10427 That's a shower!

KDA 7807 I, I, I was lucky in the three ground I went too the worst that ever happened to me was I was put head first into a dustbin, but luckily it had been emptied it was still well mucky, but I just fucking went and had a shower, and I come out of the shower and I'd got pounced upon again and I was there, it must of been a funny site, there's me right in just a pair of fucking deck chairs that we used to wear for the, the shower block right, fucking shaving, er like the wash kit bag in my right hand and I was holding me fucking towel round, round me waist with me left, I was streaking across the play ground, going as fast as I could

KM3 282 And Wednesday another cloudy day with the risk of an odd shower it will be warmer than today though Wednesday's high twelve Celsius fifty four Fahrenheit.

KP0 901 listen to this,I'm becoming increasingly aware that my landlady's been making sexual passes at me, I didn't take them seriously until she climbed in the shower with me

KPV 694 I'll tell you what, when I have rugby practice, I'll come and have a shower.

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A16 1722 Most major companies in the shower pump market, like Stuart Turner, offer a technical advisory service which can advise on the correct choice of pump and its installation.

AMD 402 Bedrooms are beautifully furnished featuring a bath, shower and loo, minibar, fridge, telephone, TV and radio.

AMU 2194 He went back for the President, lifting him from behind by both elbows and walking him into the shower with his boxer shorts and his sandals on.

AMW 352 Twin and three bedded rooms are available with bath or shower and terrace.

ASA 1225 Tom could see this so he gave me the key to his hotel room and told me to have a shower and put on some of his clothes.

BM4 2633 She wore spring flowers in her hair and carried a shower bouquet of similar flowers, with the addition of Australian mimosa and eucalyptus.

BMR 527 Unless I was awakened by the departure of a bed-fellow who had to work or study, poor girl, my day began at about nine or thereabouts, with a leisurely shower and a small black coffee.

BNT 127 Young people today, they're a ruddy shower.

C8A 245 And ensure you have the right tools for the job — a long-handled back-brush or loofah for the bath, or a massage strap in the shower.

CA3 846 ‘I must shower.’

CAA 274 Most rooms have en suite shower or bath/wc.

CAL 1555 Everyday concerns such as urinating, taking a shower or having a routine medical examination become nightmares of concealment, lest someone spot his giveaway lack in the foreskin department.

CB4 793 He says to shower for at least 10 minutes and not to opt for a bath.

CDX 473 Turning on the shower, I let the water run over me.

CEM 1488 Shower of flowers for sick Liz

CGP 673 If you don't get the chance to really freshen up with a shower then Femfresh has the answer.

CH0 1669 It's November the 9th, 1996, only 47 shopping days to Christmas, and this is Lola, inviting you to share a shower.

CJA 152 Here she was, in after a stiff haul back from Chateaubriand, spacelagged and frazzled, needing a shower.

CJA 2932 Take a shower, a couple of drinks, you'll feel better.

CLX 1341 For this reason, the poppy has been adopted as the flower of remembrance, and a shower of poppies, representing British and Commonwealth fighting men who have died since 1914, is released at the annual service of remembrance in the Albert Hall, London.

CM8 219 Naturalists shower us with intriguing accounts, both anecdotal and experimental, and their range tends to put in perspective the sense, if any, in which we might wish to claim that some were consciously purposive and others not.

ECL 204 Electric lighting, gas cooking & heating, bathroom with WC & shower.

EDG 1363 If you have a separate shower, the base of the cubicle or enclosure is an acrylic or ceramic shower tray.

EV5 1051 She was advised to bathe or shower daily and avoid straining her abdominal muscles and to see her General Practitioner to check that her recovery was progressing satisfactorily.

G17 119 It was already late morning, and the red glare of the sun was evaporating away the moisture left by an earlier shower so that the golden roofs of the principal buildings were wreathed with a mist which eddied and flowed under the influence of the heat which rose off the plain.

G2A 212 Bathroom: Fully tiled and fitted with a Champagne suite comprising of close coupled w.c., pedestal wash hand basin, panelled bath with twin grips, mixer taps with shower attachment over.

G2A 563 Double glazed window, half tiled walls, panelled bath, over bath shower, pedestal hand basin, low level WC, double radiator.

G2A 1222 Enclosed bath with shower unit, pedestal wash hand basin, radiator, double glazed window to rear.

G2F 1888 The Showerpack 922 power shower

GUL 232 One evening, a few months after the shower, Karen met Susan in a bar for a drink after work.

H9G 2054 What a view, the squally shower had cleared and the whole of the dale was shot across with beams of sun from behind a strange thunderous purple cloud.

HHV 12345 Does he agree that a proposal that would impose a massive tax burden on 4 million ordinary people could be produced only by a shower such as those who currently comprise the Opposition?

HNJ 383 ‘We checked his clothes for bloodstains…there weren't many but he told me to wash his shirt and handkerchief while he had a shower.

HWC 814 Sometimes, when I have to make precious substances such as toenail cheese or belly-button fluff, I have to go without a shower or bath for days and days; I hate doing this because I soon feel dirty and itchy, and the only bright thing about such abstinence is how good it feels to have a shower at the end of it.

HWY 430 Accommodation for residential programmes comprises 107 study bedrooms, each with its own telephone, clock-radio, tea/coffee making facilities and private wc and shower.

HX4 179 In bathrooms, scale build up on shower heads constricts water flow, whilst build up around sanitary fittings and lavatory bowls is unsightly and unhygienic.

J0W 172 Here we had a poor suffering sergeant — he suffered a very great deal every time a new ‘shower’ like this lot came his way — just on the verge of retirement.

J0W 2397 ‘Go and have another shower.’

J1M 2309 And that's really the scene for this afternoon, with the best of any sunshine being over the Lothians and the south, and still the chance of a shower in the north west.

JXW 829 Emerging from the shower ten minutes later, skin glowing and towelling her damp hair, she was galled to discover that she was no longer tired and, worse, that her stomach was actually rumbling with hunger.

JY4 381 ‘I'm going to shower,’ Ruth told him, getting to her feet and gathering up the dirty glasses which littered th table-top.

JYF 1417 But, still the same, Fabia felt hot by the time she'd made it to her room, so went and took a shower and changed her clothes and supposed, since it had to be lunchtime, that she should set about getting a snack of some sort.

KB7 2273 Erm and instead of the bath in the bathroom he's just got a shower up there.

KBF 2810 say we'd be, you know, be fiddle around and get to ninety six I would then turn and say to them, I will give you five hundred pounds I will knock five hundred off that so that you can put in a proper shower tray and screen

KCE 4518 So why did why didn't you have a shower

KCL 599 I in the shower in the shower for one.

KCN 7140 Well normal shower.

KE6 10639 until about half past nine, when they said right that's all the dir dirty work done, he said I'm going up to have a shower and he put the carpet, rolled the carpet half back, and picked up a load of mess and we had polythene dust sheets over it

KNR 406 The one in the shower.

KPV 3340 Erm, they've got two things, a bidet, a toilet, a corner bath and a corner shower on the other side, right?

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A75 540 For example, if we have raised our body temperature by exercise or effort then cooling ourselves by taking a cold shower, a swim, or a cold drink makes us more comfortable.

ALU 1277 In earlier editions of the Dictionary the Sweet Briar warranted comment on its scent and ‘though a wild rose in some parts of England, yet is preserved in most curious gardens for the extreme sweetness of its leaves, which perfumes the circumambient Air in the Spring of the Year, especially after a shower of Rain.’

AMB 540 By the end of the day, after more lessons, a cold shower, a cold dinner and two hours of homework, Endill felt exhausted.

AMW 244 The village has 481 rooms with shower in chalets or two or three storey residences.

AMW 1040 Prices are based on apartments for four with two bedrooms (one double bed, two singles), shower and kitchenette.

B24 101 For the novice, who had spent a mere two months in training in the city, far from home in Scottish pit village or Norfolk town, the introduction to beat work was like plunging into a cold shower.

B72 118 Lima, where it rains so seldom that the city's roofs are not designed to withstand more than a mild shower, the inhabitants are anxiously awaiting the worst.

BMR 1244 If it hadn't been so hot, if there had been no row the night before, if Dennis hadn't passed out, if I'd fallen asleep, if any of the others had been there, if Karen had come back later, if she'd gone straight to the pool rather than taken a shower, if any or all of these had been the case, then intercourse would not have occurred.

BNP 995 Pick little holes, by all means, if your shower tap was a little stiff or the beach a trifle shingly, but never voice real criticism.

BNT 127 Young people today, they're a ruddy shower.

CCY 1494 The manufacturers of plastic baths and shower trays recommend strongly that the waste fitting should be bedded into the waste outlet with a clear silicone sealant —not with putty or a non-setting mastic sealant.

CEU 1566 ‘This may be a shower curtain .’

CEX 2752 Water was running; from the shower, Richard called out something that I couldn't catch, and Flora laughed, her head turned away from me, her small breasts bouncing.

CG5 337 Position the shower on the wall at the recommended height — 1.2m (4ft) average height from the bottom of shower to the base of bath or cubicle; the top of the unit should be horizontal.

CJX 45 I'll take a shower and be with you in twenty minutes — I trust you've had plenty of experience in this sort of thing?’

EC9 340 Some rooms en suite, some private shower.

ECF 5072 Bedrooms and suites all have immaculate bathrooms (most with shower not bath), TV and mini-bar.

EV5 1407 1 Ensure the skin is clean with a bath or shower.

FR9 424 What with the shower incident and the strain of management I neglected to recall the fact I could not drive.

FRF 2624 Berdichev shivered but stood straighter, his skin still tingling from the shower.

FYX 1509 A high-energy gamma ray plunging into the atmosphere will create a shower of electron-positron pairs, which initially will be traveling through the atmosphere faster than light can.

G03 124 ‘Shower will be fine.’

G0A 316 Drying off after a shower, I stood looking at two framed movie posters on the bathroom wall.

G12 1797 The slight girl with the tumbling hair, he was thinking, would take a shower (bachelor flats had showers), putting her head back and letting the water cascade down between her breasts…

G2A 1222 Enclosed bath with shower unit, pedestal wash hand basin, radiator, double glazed window to rear.

G33 2538 It was night, and as the wind gusted down the iron chimney pipe, a shower of metal flakes spattered on to the wooden floor.

GUK 2213 Like at the recent fête on the fifteenth of August, when rockets dashed upwards from the dark field outside the village and the Virgin ascended to heaven as a shower of fiery red sparks.

GV8 561 She wanted to shower, to change, to relax for a few minutes.

H7U 1583 It described the double rooms as having ‘private bath, shower, W.C. and terrace.’

H8F 1139 At least she wouldn't run the risk of bumping into Julius in the shower.

HA7 864 Quickly she unpacked, took a brisk shower and dressed carefully in a high-necked dress of watermelon-pink wool, piling up her dark hair at the back so that her neck rose, long and slender, from the draped collar, showing to advantage the chunky silver earrings.

HB6 313 Sanitary Fixtures include baths, wash-hand basins, w.c. 's, shower bases/cubicles, bidets, etc.

HC4 854 Guests pay £25 per person for bed and breakfast in a double room with bath or shower, TV, tea and coffee facilities and telephone.

HGL 2215 I shower quickly, spend some time painting my eyes, and select an attractive outfit to the best of my ability, given my makeshift twist of clothing.

HGN 2892 Anya's attempts at dissuasion, like an unsubtle variant on the old water torture, persist through Rainbow's three cups of black coffee, hasty shower, and struggles with the overstressed zip in her jeans.

HH6 144 Unless the holes in the shower rose are blocked, a weak shower is usually caused by insufficient ‘head’ of water.

HJC 1522 ‘What's this about a shower?’

HJC 1605 ‘Shower,’ said the screw.

HRX 134 The shower curtain business previously under the name Associated Products, was relaunched as Dawson Home Fashions to reflect the business' stronger drive into co-ordinated bathroom products.

HTN 1025 The opening music was greeted by a torrential shower of rain that drummed with deafening force on the stage and put out the fires of Hell.

J0W 1079 In one scene he had to take a handkerchief out of his pocket, and in the process shower Maggie Smith with nuts.

J1M 2309 And that's really the scene for this afternoon, with the best of any sunshine being over the Lothians and the south, and still the chance of a shower in the north west.

JXU 1911 The fact that Marc had registered her exact words seemed to say that they meant something — that he hadn't simply dismissed what she had yelled out from the shower, but that he had remembered and, as it seemed now, had brooded over them for some time.

K2D 894 A rain shower forced the postponement of the featured night match between fourth seed Boris Becker and unseeded Russian Andrei Cherkasov.

K52 671 THE Institute's attractions included a billiard room and a bathroom where a hot or cold shower cost 4d, and quickly proved so popular the building was overwhelmed.

K52 3935 What a shower

KB8 1534 You've been in the shower have you?

KCN 7140 Well normal shower.

KD0 5939 I've I I've got the Oriental shower gel fro got the Oriental shower gel, that means I've the Oriental and Marina.

KDE 1518 Did you want to have a shower with daddy?