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A2V 246 The interest charge, at £35m against £24m, was lower than many had expected.

A5E 236 The intervention is extraordinary, and to think of it otherwise risks ignoring how the interest of the play lies in the psychological, in the testing of our sympathy and understanding of the Macbeths.

ABJ 3818 So the interest rate should also be adjusted for inflation.

ADC 1018 St Isidore of Seville (d. 636) saw Spain as a Christian land, in which the separate identities of Goth and Roman were no longer of any but historical interest.

AL8 904 It revealed a relative lack of interest in such studies and that ‘the tendency to ignore the problems of everyday life is symptomatic of the general malaise of our times…

AN0 1202 On this occasion Crabb was carrying out experiments in which the Admiralty had a peripheral interest, but it would not be in the national interest to detail them, and unfortunately he drowned and his body was swept out to sea.

ARG 317 Whatever we think about child baptism, it did reflect a serious interest in the role of the family in bringing up children.

B7L 1088 One firm that has expressed interest is Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, the Japanese telecommunications giant.

BNH 471 Charge cards companies will not be looking to take on those customers with lower incomes who do not want to pay, or find it difficulty in paying, high credit-card interest rates.

BP5 1139 the management of the target company must act in the interest of all the shareholders and not frustrate the bid,

CBF 11732 They claim the banks are slow to reduce interest rates and impose high charges which threaten business.

CBV 2196 The account pays interest at 4.5% gross over the headline retail price index.

CBW 1184 ‘They are inevitably going to heighten interest — on the part of potential lenders to and buyers of companies — into their potential liabilities,’ he explains.

CD4 356 They offered in effect a free counselling service and many of the problems brought to them were of a spiritual nature, which in itself showed the high level of spiritual and religious interest in England during the fourteenth century.

CH2 5165 THOUSANDS more families will lose their homes if building societies raise their interest rates.

CHV 873 What really matters at the moment is that the rugby pot keeps itself on the boil, so that it won't need too much of a boost from the fickle flames of European International rugby, when it returns in the New Year, to reactivate the interest of the casual followers uncovered by the World Cup.

CM6 1366 That this had always been in the interest of Great Britain did not alter the fact that such interventions had tended since 1815 to favour liberal and nationalist causes.

E9U 497 His department contributed £2.3 million towards the fund set up to purchase what was described yesterday as southern England's last wilderness, a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest of international importance for its bird population.

EBM 744 One suggested reason is to protect public bodies from vexatious litigants with no real interest in the outcome of the case but just a desire to make things difficult for the government.

EVH 1313 I mention it to record his genuine interest in our home and later, in us as people and our way of life.

FCL 364 That would be particularly inappropriate having regard to the considerable number of instances which exist of Parliament having legislated in various fields to define the circumstances under which payments of tax not lawfully due may be recovered, and also in what situations and upon what terms interest on overpayments of tax may be paid.

G0D 1420 Moreover, the managers saw a clear link between Outram's feminist politics and her interest in sex education.

G0E 2030 ‘What do you mean?’ asked Rohmer, now taking an interest in the proceedings.

G1G 560 What remains from classical elite theory is the theme of the powerlessness of the masses and the rational unifying capacities of the minority groups, but modern elite theorists, perhaps surprisingly, are more concerned than their precursors to argue that the elites function not only in their own interest but also in the interests of society as a whole — an inevitable concomitant of the functional elitism now prevalent.

G2J 1307 Bush, the man who could not handle domestic politics, could not cope with his Republican Party in the budget, had displayed not the slightest interest in the worsening problems of poverty in the United States, could be freed to play war.

G2L 681 Elsewhere there were surveys to assess how wildlife interest had been affected, lichens were artificially transferred from fallen to standing trees and recommendations were made for safeguarding invertebrates.

G32 660 Not surprisingly, they believed they had only made a stab at it, From the start Wave and HHCL were determined to build the campaign around an organisation with a sound commercial and practical justification for funding such advertising; someone with a vested interest in curbing consumer greed.

G3L 1276 In the past, the Left in British politics has not displayed a keen interest in the subtleties of the British constitution because two strategic models for socialist transformation, the parliamentary and the insurrectionary, have dominated thinking, debate, and action.

GUD 2205 It was Noolan, attracted by the waves of interest emanating from all sides of the room.

H7T 94 One problem in testing the influence of interest rates on investment is the selection of an appropriate interest rate.

H8E 96 It could, if it wished, provide assistance at a ‘penal’ rate, forcing institutions to charge higher interest rates to their customers and thus communicating a rise in interest rates throughout the market.

HAC 5888 Unless something is done, dealer margins will continue in free fall and the customers will continue to shop around for the best price in the belief that service is universally lousy, and that's in nobody's interest.

HC1 740 Of particular interest to the incentive field is that responsibility for the administration of the LINK initiative, under which support is provided to stimulate collaborative research in key areas of science and technology, will be passed to the Office of Science and Technology.

HC4 640 Hilton National has a special interest package covered by insurance.

HJ0 7389 The first part of the project examines the attitudes of employers, unions and other interest parties, notably in the Health and Safety Executive and the Health and Safety Commission, together with those responsible in local authorities.

HL6 2400 Differences of emphasis on interest rate management

HP4 1397 ‘The homes have generated a great deal of interest.

HRP 791 discussions revealed an interest in community arts work and, in particular, in those groups who have no access to the arts.

HU4 4211 There has recently been a revival of interest in changes in colonic motility in ulcerative colitis.

HWW 354 There is a further point of interest in the comparative subgroup of group 2 (1 previous primary melanoma and a normal naevus pattern).

HXL 259 its inflation must be no more than 1.5 per cent than the average of the lowest three inflation rates in the EMS; 2. its long-term interest rates must be no more than 2 per cent than the average of the lowest three member countries' rates; 3. it must have been a member of the narrow band of fluctuation for at least two years, without a realignment; 4. its budget deficit must be no larger than 3 per cent of GDP; 5. its National Debt must not exceed 60 per cent of GDP.

J16 987 The second set of compulsory powers were not to become operative until the ‘second appointed day’ and were to be brought into effect only if it appeared ‘that it is necessary in the public interest to enable the commission to obtain authority for the compulsory acquisition of land by a simplified procedure’.

J6P 665 Equally, it is not unknown for a partner gradually to lose interest in mundane administrative matters: often enough the problems that this can cause are exacerbated by his co-partners allowing him to escape his share of responsibility over a long period.

J75 563 You should not take on a case if you or your firm has a conflict of interest.

J75 1182 Interest will be charged on all bills remaining unpaid 30 days after you received them.

J7A 193 Thus, Williams v Singer is authority for the proposition that if the trustees of, say, a life interest trust direct that trust income be paid direct to the beneficiary the trustees escape an income tax charge.

J7A 1545 However, in an appropriate case if the spouse of the settlor took a life interest after the settlor's life interest the spouse exemption may be available on the settlor's death under s18 of the Act but subject to s18(2).

K92 1639 National income and employment will only be affected if the fall in the rate of interest causes a rise in investment and, possibly, consumption.

KRM 2573 It seems for many the idea of setting up behind the bar is even more powerful than the interest rates.

KRT 222 Gas prices are going up in March by 7.5% and the Halifax Building Society has put up its interest rates, although first time buyers are being spared the increase.

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A6M 864 The frustrations for the donor arising from these differences of perception and interest are great.

A87 10 With the West German economy growing fast already, the impetus from the East German migration and closer links across the border could hasten a rise in European-wide interest rates.

A9D 1033 The Cheltenham & Gloucester Eastbourne and Mornington building societies will allow savers to re-invest returned water share cheques without loss of interest.

ABM 50 But, though it was Euclid's method that first inspired him, the subject-matter of geometry also caught his interest and was something he worked on throughout his life.

ADP 1433 I wanted to give back something for the great interest and happiness I have had from being able to make music to people.

AKR 490 A British Government source said it was absurd to pay people to broadcast in a signal before consumers had even shown any interest in wide-screen television.

AKS 272 This is despite the fact that there are such programmes as Mastermind, a sheepdog series (with which I happen to be involved — I declare my interest) and superb epics by the Natural History Unit.

AN0 1118 Eden took refuge behind the usual claim that it would not be in the national interest to disclose how Crabb had drowned.

APM 727 Ludens found himself watching Marcus, jealously, but with intense curiosity and interest and waiting as for some magisterial dispensation which would mysteriously order his own future, now so completely held in the balance.

B02 3 In the past, the use of these uplands for sheep and beef cattle rearing has not conflicted significantly with the need to retain habitats such as moorlands, hill grasslands, high altitude montane vegetation, enclosed pastures and hay meadows, wetlands and native woodlands, which form the basis of the nature conservation interest of the 9.68 million hectares of upland in the UK.

BN9 156 Our aim is to foster interest in cricket on the continent of Europe — so why not come along and be a part of its growth and development.

BNF 94 Parents are needed to respond to the overtures of their offspring, to stimulate their interest and to provide a living presence to which they can relate.

BNL 1017 Interest on delayed tax repayments;

CAW 710 Coleridge was absorbed in discussing minute points of religion, and found Wordsworth's lack of interest in the subject difficult to understand — he called him a ‘semi-Atheist’.

CBY 18 But the long-term trend in those areas in which the public interest in regulation (or possibly politicians' exposure to public criticism) is perceived to be greatest, seems to be for both the volume of regulation and the role of government in it to increase.

CCT 345 In the detailed cross-tabulations for our main survey (not always included in Appendix I), we found that women were much more likely to say they did not know what sort of interest rate to expect, and to say they did not understand interest rates well.

CE4 871 To add a little more interest to the arrangement, I chose gold frames with swivels that resemble the tops of fob watches.

CEX 1520 He had recently been appointed Deputy Head in a big, new, comprehensive school in South London, and his evenings were taken up with meetings and an occasional television programme: the comprehensive principle was attracting a lot of public interest and Richard was good at arguing and putting a case, besides looking very handsome on the screen.

CHG 2235 ‘I know all that,’ I began to feel angry and frustrated, ‘but Goddammit, the only reason I came to this island was because of my interest in polio.

CKN 509 Tolkien in his letters freely admitted, as a professor of English, to reading little of anything written since the Middle Ages, to taking no interest in the present state of English fiction, to dish-king T. S. Eliot intensely, to finding Robert Graves an ass, and to thinking Browning's poems shallow and vulgar.

CS2 118 His mature view is of more interest to us today.

EA9 298 Enquiries regarding the geographical location and other details of places of interest require the receptionist to know the locality well and have a guide book on the area.

ECR 499 It is a town that has changed subtly with the subtly changing times and yet has maintained a distinct identity and a strange diversity of atmospheres, steeped in interest and beckoning to times ancient.

F9P 1440 Investment was low, interest rates rose, there was concern over a fall in the population level from its 1974 peak of 62 million, and there were calls to cut back on the high social welfare spending built up by the SPD governments.

FSY 792 Early in 1990 we developed and piloted a referral form, which was used to collect data in the preparatory year by all practices in the Oxford Regional Health Authority that had expressed an interest in fundholding.

GT0 77 It is ironic that his greatest financial disasters were projects which resulted from the interest which both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert showed in his work.

GUF 1450 Whatever interest he took up, he would begin by a painstaking study of the language and then buy all the correct equipment, before he actually did anything practical.

GVJ 18 Between our sense of beginning and of concluding we should be led on a journey which is not only logical but is also of continuous emotional interest.

GXG 1767 We continued to take a keen interest in protecting and improving the quality of Welsh rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

H8S 2123 Folly hastily rearranged her face into an expression of businesslike interest.

H8V 253 Image, hyperbole, parallelism, comparison, repetition or any other trope are potentially all equally effective in committing poetic violence on ordinary language, and it is this differential function and not any inherent quality that constitutes their interest for Russian Formalism.

HH3 11164 Sitting on the ground in a semicircle for their first lesson, their faces radiate interest, hope and curiosity.

HHV 5059 However, does not every reduction in the inflation rate leave the real interest rate a little higher?

HJ1 22449 In recent years, there has been a great deal of interest in increasing the prominence given to science teaching during the primary school years.

HNL 102 So while interest is received in the form of a capital value change, this is treated as income for tax purposes and not as capital gains.

HPX 351 Beyond these, who are almost automatically involved in the process, stand librarians who make efforts to ensure that early reading is given prominence in both public and school library collections, social workers who know the importance of gearing the mind and interest of parents to the needs and interests of their children, and health visitors who encourage new mothers to talk and play with their babies in ways which allow growth and development to be marked by natural milestones of awareness and understanding.

HRE 1334 A similar interest was taken by the regional and international press in the course of their everyday activities.

HXX 1523 Perhaps many other abbots had also been monks of the houses they eventually ruled, and Cnut did not always take much interest in their selection.

HY9 610 Thus when James Drake published his tract of 1702 attacking the strength of the Court interest, he was essentially attacking the Whigs who constituted that Court interest, and developed a "Country" argument which was basically Tory in nature, with a heavy emphasis on the need to defend the interest of the Church of England.

J15 2081 With a very shallow L curve (as in Figure 18.3), a rise in money supply from M to M' will only lead to a small fall in the rate of interest from r 1 to r 2 .

J6S 511 A further Schedule E income tax charge can arise when the shares are disposed of "by surrender or otherwise" so that the manager concerned no longer has any beneficial interest in them.

J6U 1355 Money paid by the defendant is appropriated first to reducing the principal debt and then towards the interest.

J6X 326 The Court of Appeal has decided in Roberts v Johnstone [1988]3 WLR 1247, that where a plaintiff requires care and attendance as a result of his injuries, the cost of persons providing that care up to the date of trial is special damage, even if no one is in fact employed, and that interest is payable on the notional cost at the rate appropriate to special damages (see para 1.67).

J77 694 5.21 Sale of reversion etc To permit [upon reasonable notice]at any time during the Term prospective purchasers of or agents instructed in connection with the sale of the Landlord's reversion or of any other interest superior to the Term to view the Premises without interruption provided they are authorised in writing by the Landlord or its agents This is a normal provision and the only comment to make is that it could be disruptive to a tenant's business, although one would hope that the frequency of a sale of the reversion would be limited.

K1E 4018 The Chancellor has rejected any idea of an immediate cut in interest rates.

K4S 653 Coun David Walsh, chairman of the county council's environment, development and transportation committee, said: ‘The forum is a way of bringing people with a common interest together so that they can learn from each other 's experiences.

K59 3007 However, your money is invested in a mixture of high yielding shares and fixed interest stocks, so the value of your units could fall or rise, depending on the skill of Fidelity's managers, and on stock market performance generally.

K92 1449 Wholesale and retail deposits command different interest rates partly because of the relative administrative convenience of handling wholesale funds on a large scale rather than handling large numbers of small deposits.

K92 1627 Similarly, at interest rates below Oi l , the excess demand for money exerts upward pressure on interest rates.

KRH 3748 I watched the newspapers with a good deal of interest.

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A9D 668 Therefore, for a child, compare the net interest rate paid out by the banks and building societies with the gross rate paid by others, notably National Savings products.

A9T 49 On January 9 the Children's Legal Centre is holding a Young People's Congress for different interest groups (Young Guardian will be covering the event).

ABJ 1555 The finance minister, Theo Waigel, wailed that he has no money to pay for a move to Berlin, costed (depending on the interest of those doing the sums) at between DM6 billion ($3.4 billion) and DM125 billion.

ADL 1099 ‘Operations in the national interest’ was a favourite phrase; good and sharp, and carrying the implication that if you needed to know what the national interest was, you did not deserve to be told.

AJX 575 Those entitled to gross interest should ask for the single-sheet form, R85, which is available from most bank and building society branches.

AKD 348 The new team will find financial markets in a high state of excitement and looking forward to a cut in interest rates.

AM7 241 A whole series of CBI/DTI/BIM reports summarised by Constable and McCormick (1987) has created great interest in the condition of British management, and in particular in the training provision made.

APP 725 In January it decided not to revive the May Day parade in Derry; there was not enough interest and most of the trade-unionists who would be likely to take part would be attending the Belfast parade.

AYP 1163 From July onwards, if you arrange your overdraft in advance with your branch, you will only pay a monthly usage fee plus interest if your account is overdrawn.

B14 1655 This sounds reasonable but application of the principle may contain inherent conflicts of interest and further guidance was provided in an advisory paper on confidentiality produced by the UKCC in 1987.

B1W 2005 Interest received from the borrower over the six months might not be sufficient to cover the bank's own interest costs on deposits.

B29 368 No part of the British Isles holds greater interest for the geologist than the coastline of Country Antrim from Larne to Portrush.

B2A 90 The effect of this is inevitable central interest in details of NHS functioning.

BLY 1604 But it is most evident whenever a teacher has developed a real interest in some school subject or area of the curriculum, often the result of some form of limited subject specialisation by the teacher.

BNL 1572 Only join clubs, societies, or associations if the work or activity that they pursue is really of interest to you, though, or it is unlikely to be a success.

CBY 2743 They are not taxed on dividends or except as a recapture of related deductible expenses, such as interest — capital gains derived from foreign affiliates under a participation exemption.

CCM 1567 The three-room cottage where she had been born had lost its interest for Eve as her dislike of the Westwards had grown.

CEL 867 This translates into a gain of just 1% pre-tax because heavy capital expenditure swallowed up last time's £18m interest income.

CEP 9664 Norwich were trailing Grant, who has turned down a new contract, last season and have maintained their interest.

CJH 101 The main interest is centred on the splendid harbour, almost completely landlocked and providing excellent shelter.

EDF 106 It was soon recognised that unity of interest between lord and vassal did not exist.

EE2 680 The expanding Russian empire was showing an increasing interest in Northeast Asia, and China was likely to challenge any attempt by Japan to intervene in the affairs of a country which for centuries had been her foremost tributary.

EX2 239 As far as the public interest theory of regulation is concerned, this is largely an implicit rather than explicit model.

F9A 1038 Even if the library does not have the information that you need, the librarian will probably be able to tell you where you can find it: with hundreds of books available about all aspects of archaeology, it is as well to sample a few of these to get a better idea of what aspects of archaeology interest you most of all.

FB2 1534 The British coastline, which has been under greater developmental pressure than almost any other part of the country, has been the subject of particular interest for conservationists.

G04 2789 Beside giving them access to a number of secret SimFic files — files which gave them the location of several special projects Berdichev had instigated — they had also contained several items of particular interest.

G0H 65 Other technical developments helped to change the pattern of interest in Nature.

G2K 1186 You may find that the lender with the lowest interest rate will not advance sufficient funds.

GT2 881 It was probably similar concerns which led to Leftwich's interest in adequate water supplies.

GT8 528 Other financial help was needed, and in 1905 it came in the form of a deal with the Burmah Oil Company — to whom D'Arcy ultimately surrendered his interest in the whole venture (in return for 170,000 Burmah shares and the reimbursement of all his expenses).

H7T 98 They found that a tax allowance variable played a far more important role than the interest rate in affecting investment.

H8E 1585 By directing funds from low-interest source to higher-interest outlets, interest arbitrage, like money broking, should help to remove anomalous interest rate differentials.

H8E 1585 By directing funds from low-interest source to higher-interest outlets, interest arbitrage, like money broking, should help to remove anomalous interest rate differentials.

H8E 1599 What will its price be in four weeks' time if interest rates remain unchanged?

HEP 501 Each subscriber registers its interest in a data item on the primary replication server.

HHX 18070 Ordered, That, if the Social Security (Mortgage Interest Payments) Bill be committed to a Committee of the whole House, further proceedings on the Bill shall stand postponed and that as soon as any proceedings on any Resolution come to by the House on Social Security (Mortgage Interest Payments) Bill [Money]have been concluded, this House will immediately resolve itself into a Committee on the Bill.

HJ4 9582 The EC put a figure of £44.4m on the payments, plus interest, but BAe has settled for £42.2m net of tax relief.

HKN 5 Well preserved and attractive, this obviously genuine antique is certain to be of interest to collectors in general.

HU1 600 It would appear that the Americans are taking a greater interest in the matter, especially with the problems in Bosnia.

HX8 2255 As many of you will have noticed from your Q.T. day programme Beryl will not be teaching this year; for some time she has taken a great interest in the Back Pain Association and has now become involved particularly at weekends in special classes for back-pain sufferers.

HY4 127 6.2.5 Relationship between Bank of England interest rates and market interest rates: administered versus market related interest rates

HY8 569 Leading British political, diplomatic and military figures were confirmed in their belief that it was not in the national interest for the United States to hold a monopoly of this crucial weapon among the Western allies.

HYG 24 And the other one, I wonder if the Council would consider, over sixties club, I ought to declare an interest I suppose, erm have two hundred members and they are distributing this Christmas, as they al always do, a three pound voucher to each of those members in office you know and I just wondered whether the Council would consider a small contribution towards that expenditure.

J89 10 Much interest, it is argued, lies in the ways in which the students justify their own versions in terms of their expectations about well-formedness in narrative.

JXJ 344 The suggestion that conventionalism reduces surprise must assume, then, not that surprise is unfair but that it is undesirable for some other reason: that it is inefficient, for example, or imposes unnecessary risks, or frightens people, or is otherwise not in the general interest.

K4T 4408 The council is organising distribution of 100 Kwik Cricket sets donated by National Westminster Bank, which is working with the National Cricket Association to promote the game as an ideal way of developing skills and interest in the ‘full-length’ version.

K5D 1429 In a statement in response to increasing media interest in his health, he said he had decided to let it be known he was undergoing treatment.

K92 1307 This meant that before 1985 societies were able to offer highly competitive interest rates to the typical saver who was liable to income tax.

K92 1720 So an interest rate increase directly stimulates saving and reduces real expenditure, particularly of those people with variable interest rate obligations (such as households with mortgage loans, overdrafts or other loan commitments).

K9W 203 Fair and equal opportunity has been replaced by ‘equality of market opportunity’ which broadly translated, means the grant of uncontrolled shoplifting rights to the man with the most muscle, all supposedly in the name of competition and the perceived interest of the consumer — as interpreted by a distant shareholder with little concern for local aspirations.