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SystemC Channels and Signals

All primitive channels connect modules together.

Predefined channels include buffer, fifo, signal, mutex semaphore and clock.

RTL-style compute/commit is provided by the SystemC signals.

A signal is an abstract (templated) data type that has a current and next value.

Reads are of the current value. Writes are to the next value.

  int nv;
  sc_out    < int > data;
  sc_signal < int > mysig;
        nv += 1;
        data = nv;
        mysig = nv;
        printf("Before nv=%i, %i %i\n'', nv, data.read(), mysig.read());
        wait(10, SC_NS);
        printf("After  nv=%i, %i %i\n'', nv, data.read(), mysig.read());

Before nv=96, 95 95 After nv=96, 96 96

Instantiable channel provides implementations of methods read, write, update and value_changed.

(C) 2008-10, DJ Greaves, University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory.