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We will cover many of the following topics:

1.Verilog RTL Design with examples. Basic RTL to gates synthesis algorithm.

2. Further examples. Event-driven simulation cycle. Using signals, variables and transactions for component inter-communication.

3. SystemC overview. Verilog synthesis and high/low-level mapping examples.

4. High-level modelling in SystemC. Bus and cache structures, DRAM interface. Design exploration.

5. Transactional modelling (ESL). Electronic systems level design. IP- XACT.

6. Processor Modelling. Instruction set simulators, cache modelling and hybrid models.

7. Assertions and Monitors. System Verilog brief tour. PSL/SVA assertions. Temporal logic compilation to FSM. Assertion-based design.

8. On Chip Interconnect. Busses (OPB (BVCI) and AXI). Glue logic synthesis. Transactor Synthesis. Network on chip.

(C) 2008-10, DJ Greaves, University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory.