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Write a computer game

Cute God Screenshot

Figure 1. Cute God

One problem when embarking on writing a computer game is the lack of good graphics material to use or any concrete ideas for game play. Fortunately a game designer, Danc, has come to the rescue. On his Blog, Danc writes “You are an elite programmer that wants to make something fun without spending ten years in art school learning how to draw stick figures. I provide some easy-to-use graphics and an intriguing game design for you to riff upon. Send me the links to your masterpieces and I'll post them for folks to enjoy and critique.

Sound interesting? One of the game designs provided by Danc is Cute God, a game in which the player is a simple village God whose job is to make all of the villagers happy. An example screenshot is shown in Figure 1, “Cute God”. More information, including graphics and suggested game rules are available from Danc's website:

Danc has produced several suggested game designs, so if Cute Gods isn't your cup of tea, you might like to look at some of the others. For example, “Play with your peas” is another game by Danc with a complete set of instructions and downloadable graphics. In this game, the player's job is to protect as many peas as possible from falling to a perilous death by controlling the environment the peas live in. It's somewhat similar to Lemmings, only with peas! More information, including the graphics and suggested game rules are also available from Danc's website:

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