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Android: Applications for mobile phones

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Google have recently released Android, a (mostly) open-source operating system based on Linux for mobile phones. Programs are written for Android in Java and its stated goal is to provide an open development platform. The Android development kit comes with a particularly good emulation package which allows developers to test their application without requiring a physical handset. We also have an Android handset available for you to use and play with during the practical sessions.

You might like to develop your own Android application or extend an existing one. One suggestion to look at is ZXing ( which is a bar code reader application. Applications you might build based on this project might exploit the information carrying capability of these codes to make: business cards which automatically take you to someone's website, posters which provide credentials for the wireless network, or name tags providing biographical information. The Android handset also contains inertial sensors which can tell you about movements of the handset itself—music players which you shake to get the next song, or driving games which steer based on rotating the screen are all built using these sensors.

More information and a free download of the Android development kit is on the Google Android website

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