The Blue Book

March 1994

Preface to the Third Collection

This report contains the current versions of the documents associated with the ATM networking projects, including the Desk Area Network, at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. These are intended mainly for reference by people involved with the projects on a day to day basis, rather than as a general overview. The hardware, software and protocols described in these documents are all under active development, so the details will change.

As a new departure, this year sees the inclusion of a number of papers in various stages, from submitted through to already presented, associated with or derived from the ATM work.

Various laboratory technical reports and Ph.D dissertations also include additional information over and above that present here. The MultiService Network Architecture is presented in Derek McAuley's thesis (technical report 186). Background to the Fairisle project may be found in the paper by Ian Leslie and Derek McAuley presented at SIGCOMM'91 (Proc SIGCOMM'91 page 327, also included in technical report 219). Joe Dixon's Ph.D thesis (technical report 245) contains a description of the networking software used and the Wanda micro-kernel. Some other ideas are presented in the "ATM Everywhere" article in IEEE Network magazine.

The initial paper on the Desk Area Network may be found in the paper by Mark Hayter and Derek McAuley in Operating Systems Reviews, Vol 25 No 4, October 1991, (also technical report 228). Also Mark Hayter's thesis is now available as technical report 319 and provides a good overview of the current Cambridge ATM environment, including the current status of the DAN.

To save on trans-atlantic bandwidth these documents can also be retrieved from in directory /pub/cell-relay/docs/ by clicking here.

This document is intended to replace the earlier first and second ATM Collections (the "Yellow" and "Orange" books). Of the documents in the second collection some thirteen are no longer included. This is mostly because the equipment or protocols they described have been superseded. Although there is not currently any formal collaboration with Olivetti Research Ltd on ATM, some documents describing hardware designed by them remain in the collection because it is still in active use within the Computer Laboratory.

Richard Black

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